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    (1) Last of the 'X' and 'Y' Insider Information [5/18]

    For everyone seeing Belch as useless, it could be like Last Resort where once you meet the requirement you can use the move as much as you want.
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    (1) Isshu Starter's English Names Revealed! [11/22]

    French and German names for Miju/Oshawott are pretty cool too. Moustillon and Ottaro respectively.
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    (1) Isshu Starter's English Names Revealed! [11/22]

    Starters names I can get used to. But WHY change the region name? I mean, NEVER have they changed the region's name from the Japanese version. It's just silly. Now I'm even more glad I played it in Japanese.
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    (4) BW Collection Cards, More Sugimori Artwork, Starter English Names on Monday, Cities Items [11/19

    RE: (3) More Sugimori Artwork, Starter English Names on Monday, Cities Items [11/19] Ah! The official art looks so great 8D I can't wait to see more! And I'll be releaved when they finally reveal the English names of the starters, just so people will finally stop squabbling over theories XD
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    (1) 'Pokemon Peer' Scans and Information [9/9]

    I think Pokabu's middle definitely looks more western. It honestly reminded me of an American 90's cartoon. The evolution designs in general scream pro wrestler to me. The only thing that catches my eye of it being more Chinese-inspired is the swirl pattern on Poka3's chest. But other than...
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    (1) 'Pokemon Peer' Scans and Information [9/9]

    I'm lovin' the glowing with fire/electricity tails on them dragons. Gives it their own vibe and lighting with their design :D
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    (1) 'Pokemon Peer' Scans and Information [9/9]

    Even the pattern itself in Tsu3 reminds me of European designs, not just the collar. I could see him as some variety of ancient European family crest or animal. The ivy part also makes me think of ivy that covers old, western buildings, like abbeys or castles. But that's just IMO. I could...
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    (1) 'Pokemon Peer' Scans and Information [9/9]

    Also, this part of the translated article caught my eye: "But it was a really close decision in terms of what this sea otter would become once it evolves. In the end, we decided to have it evolve into something with a completely different appearance." So its appearance completely changes...
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    (1) 'Pokemon Peer' Scans and Information [9/9]

    I dunno, I could see Tsu3 having more of a European regalia vibe as opposed to a Chinese Dragon vibe. If the interview really claims he is more "western" that is. Still not sure whether I believe the "revealed starter evos" are real or fake. Only time will tell I guess.
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    (1) 'Black' and 'White' Wii Commercials Reveal Many New Scenes [8/31]

    Oh man. I am so excite for these games 8D Now I just have to remember to pre-order...
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    BW/BW2 What new HM's do you want to see?

    Surfing over lava!!! XD We've never had a fire-type HM before. Of course, now with reusable TMs the only thing to distinguish them from HMs is that they can be used outside of battle. I like the idea of Psychic. I want powerful HM moves that don't feel like a waste of movepool space i.e DEFOG :C
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    BW/BW2 Dual Type Moves

    I always thought it would be an interesting idea albeit confusing XD Like if they introduced new type combos that would have attacks that weren't clear-cut types. i.e. a water fire type with an attack in involving steam would be a fire/water type move. Caculating stab would be a pain x_x
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    (1) Tabunne, Basurao, Darumakka from B/W Demos; Next 'CoroCoro' Details [8/10]

    Honestly, Tabunne reminds me of Angel from Lilo and Stitch XD Glad that only the sprite of Emonga was fake because I loooooove that little guy *v* I am so excited for these games :D
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    (1) One New Pokemon, Victini's Types [8/3]

    Oh man. That swan. I want one so bad *v* She looks so, arrogant or sassy with her wigs on her hips XD[hr] I'm actually really hoping for this :D
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    BW/BW2 New Type Combos

    A water/fire type could be doable if the pokemon was, like, a steam pokemon. Or a salamander-ish type creature. I also wanted Wargle to be fighting/flying :c Loving all the combos people are coming up with :D