“Scarlet & Violet” Complete Set Guide: English Cards, Set List, Products, Changes, and More!

We now have the full English set list for Scarlet & Violet! It officially releases in stores on March 31st. The set list is so predictable we could have posted this story weeks ago.

Update (3/30): All the official English card images have been added below!

The set has a total of 258 cards: 198 cards in the main set and 60 secret rare cards. Full Arts and Illustration Rares are now classified as secret rares (like the Japanese sets), which is why there are far more secret rares.

Our English set is comprised of the Japanese Scarlet ex and Violet ex sets, its three Starter Set ex decks, and a few Japanese promo cards.

As posted before, Scarlet & Violet bring back the TCG’s original Pokemon ex mechanic, which ran from 2003 to 2007.

Pokemon ex evolve from their normal pre-Evolutions, like Ampharos ex evolving from Flaaffy. This is unlike 2012’s Pokemon-EX (uppercase), which were always fully evolved Basic Pokemon that ignored their pre-Evolutions.

Some Pokemon ex in the Scarlet & Violet block will feature a Terastal effect box to indicate they’re Terastalized. Pokemon with this Terastal effect don’t take damage from attacks when they’re on the Bench. Their artwork is crystalized and they’re wearing crowns to indicate their Tera type.

Ultra Rare versions will have silver card backgrounds and colored sparkles to match their Tera type.

There will be Pokemon ex in the future that feature a Tera type different from their normal type. For example, we know the Japanese set Ruler of the Black Flame will feature a Darkness-type Charizard ex. The set releases in late July.

New blocks tend to start off “simple” in terms of mechanics and power because the allure is the new Pokemon. Later, the blocks start to spice mechanics up after all the new Pokemon have debuted. We’re already seeing this with the Japanese sets that will make up our June set, Paldea Evolved.

Booster Pack Configuration

As we revealed a few weeks ago, each Scarlet & Violet booster pack will feature two reverse holo cards and one holo card. This is to compensate for booster packs increasing from $3.99 to $4.49.

Each pack will now be ordered with the rarest cards in the back. The order will be: 4x common cards, 3x uncommons, 2x reverse holos, and 1x holo. After this, you’ll find 1x Basic Energy and 1x code card.

If you pull either an Illustration Rare or a Special Illustration Rare (both of which are Secret Rares), they will take the place of the second reverse holo slot.

All rares and higher are now foil; there are no more non-holo rares. Rainbow Rares are also gone.

See this news story for more details.


Scarlet & Violet‘s foil cards will feature a “horizontal sheen.” The borders of the cards will also be foil, thanks to the loss of yellow borders.

Sprigatito Promo  Fuecoco Promo  Quaxly Promo

Pokemon ex will feature a “slanted sheen” and an additional “star layer.” This will give Pokemon ex more pzazz.

Koraidon ex Promo  Miraidon ex Promo

The Scarlet & Violet reverse holos will feature a sort of “cobblestone” pattern. Each type has a uniquely-drawn background; the “rocks” differ in shape from type to type.

The set’s promos will use galaxy holofoil. The borders will also be galaxy holofoil.


Our English set will see an updated rarity system that matches Japanese sets a bit closer. I’ve put together a chart comparing the English and Japanese rarities:

Official English Name Fan Name Symbol Holo Textured RH Japanese Name Symbol
Main Set Common Common C
Uncommon Uncommon U
Rare Rare R
Double Rare ★★ Double Rare RR
Secret Rares Illustration Rare Art Rare AR
Special Illustration Rare ★★ Special Art Rare SAR
Ultra Rare “Full Art” ★★ Super Rare SR
Hyper Rare “Gold” ★★ Ultra Rare UR

* Note that the term “reverse holo” is officially called “parallel foil” by TPCi. “Reverse holo” is the old official term for the same concept, which fans still use to this day.

* Fans often use “holo,” “foil,” and “holofoil” interchangeably.

English Products

The set releases in stores on March 31st. Prereleases take place starting this weekend, where you can purchase “Build & Battle Boxes” to compete against other players with cards from the set.

Prerelease Promos

One of four promos come inside the “Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Boxes,” which you can buy early from participating stores starting this weekend. The Build & Battle Boxes will also come inside the set’s “Build & Battle Stadium,” which releases on March 31st.

Other Set Changes

  • Yellow card borders are gone! All Pokemon cards now have silver borders to match Japanese cards. Holo cards have holo borders (see “Holos” section above).
  • Set symbols will now be replaced by set codes, just like in Japan. The code includes the set (SVI) and the language (EN).
  • The English rarity system has been updated (see “Rarities” section above).
  • Pokemon Tool cards are now their own classification of Trainer card.
  • There will be some card template changes. A Trainer’s subcategory (Item, Supporter, Stadium, Tool) will be moved to the top left of the card to be more visible in players’ hands.
  • The name of Basic Energy will now be featured on the top of the card alongside a new subtype tag for Energy. The Energy symbol currently featured on Energy cards will now appear on the bottom right of Energy cards. This change makes the amount and type of Energy attached to each Pokemon clearer for each player.
  • Due to global inflation, the price of a booster pack will increase from $3.99 to $4.49 USD. Other products will also see price increases.
  • There is updated terminology for switching out Pokemon.


Pokemon Center

For every four Scarlet & Violet items you preorder from the Pokemon Center, you’ll receive a holo Lechonk promo with a Pokemon Center stamp. The promotion lasts until March 31st, the day the set releases. This is the first the Pokemon Center has run a promo promotion for a set.


Gamestop will be giving away a reverse holo Lechonk promo starting March 31st. See this news story for more details. Stories in other countries, such as the UK, will be giving away the same Lechonk with a Scarlet & Violet set stamp.

Toys R Us & Macy’s

Toys R Us and Macy’s will be giving out “Trade & Play Packs” on April 1st from 12 PM to 2 PM. The pack includes a free Scarlet & Violet fun pack. Each fun pack comes with two common cards and a reverse holo card, which can be a common, uncommon, or rare.

Fun Packs in Magazines

The latest issue of Toxic magazine in the UK comes with a Scarlet & Violet Fun Pack. Each fun pack comes with two common cards and a reverse holo card, which can be a common, uncommon, or rare.

Hobby Stores

Select hobby stores are giving out some of the following items to customers who purchase Pokemon TCG products. You can read more in this news story.

Cards Cut from the Set

Four Japanese cards have been cut from our Scarlet & Violet set. Some of these cards have been announced for English products, including the Mimikyu ex Box and ex Battle Decks.

English “Scarlet & Violet” Card Images