Galaxy Holofoil and Galaxy Borders Returning to “Scarlet & Violet” Promos!

We can now reveal galaxy holofoil is returning to the Scarlet & Violet era! The Arcanine and Dondozo promos from the set’s 3-pack blister will be printed on it.

We haven’t seen galaxy borders since Generation III and IV. They were first introduced on Pokemon ex in 2003’s EX Ruby & Sapphire and last seen in 2007’s EX Power Keepers. The borders then returned briefly in 2011’s Call of Legends.

So far all the Scarlet & Violet promos have been printed on the set’s holofoil paper. This is either the “horizontal sheen” pattern used for standard holos or the Pokemon ex pattern with both a “slanted sheen” and “starry overlay.”

Right now, it’s unclear when TPCi will use galaxy holofoil over regular holofoil. Arcanine and Dondozo are regular promos like the three Starter promos above, and yet both sets of promos are using different holofoil. This might be because TPCi wanted to use the Starter Pokemon to introduce the new generation’s holofoil; they may have been a one-time exception. Going forward, perhaps all regular promos will be galaxy holofoil like Arcanine and Dondozo?


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I'm currently in the process of exiting this hobby and selling my collection, but it's really nice to see the jump in how nice cards are this coming generation. Galaxy foil borders are so nice to see back. While I'm sitting it out from now on, it's at least nice knowing a lot of things I wanted to see are happening.


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I. LIKE. PROMOs. 🥹🥹🥹🥹 to think, a charmander promo helped nudge me back into collecting after a 20+ year hiatus. I missed out on promos like this in the past and even ex era cards. I'm absolutely wholeheartedly pleased that this is happening. I could fudging cry yo


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If we look back at the Alola Collection and Galar Collection, their Starter promos also used their era's holofoil pattern rather than galaxy, so that's the same reason here.

The Greavard not using galaxy is a change however. Guess that's how it's going to be going forward. We should still get 1 more galaxy one with the Jirachi V box....whenever we get that.


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Excited for the return of that classic patterning. I'm already glad I chose Scarlet & Violet era to start seriously collecting the English promo cards!

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I like Pokemon more than you! :p
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