“Scarlet & Violet” Hobby Store Freebies: Toploaders, Post Cards, and More!

TPCi is currently mailing the Scarlet & Violet marketing kit to eligible hobby stores! As usual, the kit contain items to help stores promote the latest set.

This is the first time a marketing kit includes post cards and UltraPRO toploaders. The toploaders are unique in that they feature the Pokemon TCG logo.

Each store is allowed to give the items out at their own discretion. However, they are never allowed to sell them since TPCi provides the kits for free.

Some of the items are intended for stores to keep and use as advertisements, such as the banner. Other items are intended to be given out to customers when making Pokemon TCG purchases, such as the stickers and post cards.

We don’t have a picture of the window cling because the store has to peel it to use it (it’s currently too early to put it up). It probably features artwork from one of the booster packs.

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