“Scarlet & Violet” Fun Packs Already in Stores: New Reverse Holo Pattern Revealed!

We’ve received multiple reports that the latest issue of Toxic magazine comes with Scarlet & Violet Fun Packs! This is almost a month before the set officially releases in stores.

Each Fun Pack comes with two common cards and one reverse holo. The reverse holo card can be a common, uncommon, or rare holo. Thanks goes to PokeBeach reader “autumn” for kindly sent us photos of her pulls!

The Scarlet & Violet reverse holos will feature a sort of “cobblestone” type pattern. Each type has a uniquely-drawn background; the “rocks” differ in shape from type to type.

For easier reading, reverse holos will use a white set symbol and white outline around their card numbering. On other cards they’re black. This is also the case on the Lechonk Pokemon Center promo.

Toxic is sold in the United Kingdom at supermarkets and shops. Each magazine costs £5 and comes with one Fun Pack.

Previously, the Scarlet & Violet rare holo pattern was revealed.

Scarlet & Violet releases on March 31st. It will be based on Japan’s Scarlet ex, Violet ex, and its three “ex Starter Decks.” Here are all the cards revealed so far: