More “Scarlet & Violet” Set Details, English Product and Promo Reveals, and Lechonk Preorder Bonus!

Following last night’s set reveal in Japan, TPCi has revealed more details for our English Scarlet & Violet set.

The set will feature:

  • 12 double rare Pokémon ex, including two Tera Pokémon ex
    • Note: This means one Pokemon ex will be cut. The Japanese sets (and theme decks) feature Gardevoir ex, Great Tusk ex, Koraidon ex, Spidops ex, Magnezone ex, Miraidon ex, Banette ex, Iron Treads ex, Oinkologne ex, Lucario ex, and Ampharos ex. Mimikyu ex from the decks is already being released in a box.
    • Gyarados ex and Arcanine ex would be the two Tera Pokemon.
  • 12 ultra rare Pokémon ex and eight ultra rare Supporter cards
    • These are probably the full arts we’ve come to know. Elsewhere TPCi says “Scarlet & Violet will feature full-art etched cards showcasing Pokémon in simple poses and bright colors,” which likely refers to the Pokemon in this bullet point.
    • The eight ultra rare Supporter cards would presumably be full art Supporters.
  • 24 illustration rare Pokémon
    • These are called “Art Rares” in Japan. Here we’ll be calling them “Illustration Rares.”
  • 10 special illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards
    • These are called “Special Art Rares” in Japan. Here we’ll be calling them “Special Illustration Rares.”
    • If you noticed, TPCi says “10 special illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards.” Unless we’re misunderstanding, it seems TPCi is saying there might be “Special Illustration Rare Supporters.” If so, they haven’t been revealed in Japan yet. All of Japan’s secret rares will be revealed by next week.
    • TPCi says, “Illustration rare and special illustration rare Pokemon will showcase Pokémon in their natural environments and offer a closer look at their unique personalities.”
  • Six hyper rare gold etched cards, which can include Pokémon ex, Trainer and Energy cards
    • These are probably the gold cards we’ve come to know.

The set description makes no mention of Rainbow Rares, which means they’ve finally been sent to the Lost Zone.

The set will contain over 190 cards. All of this information matches up with our prediction that our English set will be a combination of the cards from Scarlet ex, Violet ex, and its associated theme decks.

The Pokemon Center has revealed the first line-up of Scarlet & Violet products.

For $59.99, each Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box will come with eleven booster packs and two full art foil promo cards of either Koraidon or Miraidon. One of the two copies will feature an exclusive Pokemon Center stamp. (The regular Elite Trainer Boxes won’t have this second card.) The Elite Trainer Boxes will otherwise feature their usual configuration.

The Pokemon Center has also revealed a new promotion. For each of the four Scarlet & Violet items you preorder below, you’ll receive a holo Lechonk with a Pokemon Center stamp. (For example if you preorder four of the items, you receive four Lechonk.) The promotion lasts until March 31st, the day the set releases. This is the first the Pokemon Center has run a promo promotion for a set. Will this continue for future sets?

TPCi also revealed additional product images. The regular ETBs will come with nine booster packs and one of the (non-stamped) full art promos. Remember, the Pokemon Center versions come with a second stamped version.