Standard Format Rotating in April, Pokemon Tool Errata Announced!

TPCi has announced all “D” cards will rotate out of the Standard format on April 14th, 2023.

For digital play on Pokemon TCG Live, the Standard format rotation will go into effect on March 30th, 2023. This will give players an official platform to test out the new Standard format before participating in any in-person events.

The Expanded format will remain unchanged. It will continue to be Black & White-on, excluding a few banned cards.

The Pokemon Tool errata announced in Japan has also been announced for the English TCG. When the Scarlet & Violet expansion becomes legal for play, all new and existing Pokemon Tool cards will no longer be considered Item cards. They will now simply be their own “Tool” subcategory. This means a Trainer card now has four subcategories: Items (blue), Supporters (orange), Stadiums (green), and Tools (purple).

This means if you use Mew‘s Mysterious Tail Ability, you can’t retrieve a Tool like Rocky Helmet because it’s no longer considered an Item card. If you use Vikavolt V‘s Paralyzing Bolt (or any form of Item lock), Tool cards won’t be affected. If a card can find a Trainer card, you’d still be able to retrieve a Tool.

TPCi’s announcement also revealed the English version of Rock Chestplate from Scarlet & Violet. It’ll be card #192/198.