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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by bbninjas, Aug 29, 2015.

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  1. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    @Celever theres a chance Lissa and Altaria were GM DracLord. We never learnt his Safe Claim, so theres that possibility. But yes if Celever can prove this person as scum or town then whoever this player is please let us know :)

  2. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Actually after Bulbapedia-ing Lissia I think her being Drac is a high chance... Because Drac was Courtney who's ability was to do with mixing berries and stuff I'd say that Lisia would make sense as a Safe Claim because she would have knowledge of mixing berries for PokeBlocks!?? Thoughts @Celever?
    Do you know Altaria's Ability?
  3. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    No. I answered that already. I said that I am keeping it for tomorrow.
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  4. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    If there is an Altaria in the game, then I believe that I was targeted by it yesterday. If that's the case, then that person is definitely 100% town. There's absolutely no way that ability belongs to scum.
  5. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    Btw, turns out only my Pokemon was blocked. Makes it a possibility that TGK used his Cacturne, though I don't get why he'd use it on me. I know that he thought I was scummy yesterday, but he knew what my Pokemon does. Considering that I'm the scum's top target right now, making me unable to do my job seems counterproductive.

    Also, there was no sand tomb in the update. So maybe it was some unknown roleblocker? We seem to be getting quite a lot of these this game. If one of the scum has a block, seems likely that they'd go for me...
  6. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Yeah seeings as there was no Sand Tomb in the update and considering TGK has to use all Pokemon then I'm assuming he didn't submit any actions last night (meaning it wasn't him that blocked you)

    Yeah, sounds like a few Roleblockers are running around... Between Muddy Water, TGK and now this mystery flincher...

    So Altaria Roleblocked you? Im confused... Wouldn't that person be scum for trying to block you?
  7. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    Someone targeted me during the day yesterday. Then someone else blocked me during the night.
  8. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Oh ok! Got it... Hmm probably best not to reveal what the ability does?
  9. TwistedTurtwig It's been a pleasure


    TGK and I discussed that possibility, but my ability specifically says Ralts, which leads me to believe that there's another Ralts out there. Plus, the reason that we're in the quicktopic together is because in the flavor, I visited him and told him his thoughts, gaining his trust.

    The announcer (myself) was not scum last game. You might not have known since you were modkilled for inactivity.

    We can believe that I'm town for the exact reason you described in that same post:
    TGK's role directly affects mine as well, which means that I have to be town by your logic. Unless you don't actually believe that and are just using it as an excuse. Besides, I've never seen masons that have to find each other where the one searching is scum in any kind of setup before, mostly because it would be pretty pointless to implement. If it actually comes to the point where I need to prove my innocence (and if this game is played well, it won't), I can reveal more of my role, but the conditions of my masonry really should be enough.

    My scum senses are tingling! This right here is a classic indicator of scum activity. I'm sorry to say that I've posted more or less the exact same thing in games where I was scum. "Good job guys, we killed some baddies, I'll contribute in a bit!" seems like a fairly innocent post to the person who's scum, but to someone familiar with the tactic, it's a giant flashing neon sign in the night sky.

    ##VOTE: Reinforce
  10. Celever Wheeeee~


    GDI @Squirtle Squad that theory actually makes a lot of sense. I didn't make the connection yesterday, but if I had I could've pegged Drac as scum. That's literally so annoying. If Lissa is still alive, though, I want to see a claim pronto. After what simisands said I think it's likely we still have an Altaria too. @simisands how directly did the flavour hint at Altaria? Did you get a literal name?

    @thegrovylekid why didn't you use any actions last night? I find it really weird that you didn't.

    @TwistedTurtwig that doesn't make you town. My choice of Pokemon decided what Pokemon Cypher got. That directly affects Cypher's abilities. You being a searching-for mason doesn't clear you at all, since I've seen anti-town versions of the role before.
  11. simsands Half raccoon, half chipmunk


    The flavour hinted at the typing.
  12. Celever Wheeeee~


    Oh, that's all? Well Drake is a Hoenn E4 member and he specialises in Dragon-Type Pokemon. I don't necessarily think that hints at Altaria.
  13. Keeper of Night Nobody Special
    Keeper of Night


    Well actually it's different because-
    Oh, Celever posted it for me already.
  14. Reinforce Light has come to save you at last...


    Way to be selective, TT.

    For reference, here's the entire post from me. It has two paragraphs, you know, and not one, as TT is implying.

    Because obviously I want to hold back on contributing, right? It couldn't possibly be that I actually do want to contribute and analyze posts but then I was practically crawling on the way back from work exhausted and thus couldn't muster more than 2 paragraphs of a post, the 2nd one with a promise to contribute when I got back, like now, right? Right?

    But that's okay, I won't hold it against you to understand my work exhaustion, as that's a real life issue, and I signed up to play this game.

    Now, on to the game:

    I only have one, simple rebuttal to your reason for voting me. And what do you know, you yourself already stated it.

    Let me bold it:

    You admit that it's YOUR scum meta. Why would you apply YOUR scum meta to me? Do we have the exact same playstyle? Exact same thought process? And also, is that a general thing that's applicable to anybody, and thus when you think they've stated something similar it can be used to call them scummy? I'd understand if that was meta reasoning that uses MY playstyle in previous WW games, like what had been said about PMJ. But it's not, and you said as much. So why should I come out as scummy for a meta reason that is YOURS?

    Call it defensive or whatever, but I've rarely, perhaps never, played a Pokebeach game where two wolves were dead already by Day 2, and I thought that extreme luck had to be involved for such a thing to happen, and thus had a first-impression statement. That's all there is to it.

    Here are some thoughts on the current events:

    [email protected] If you're looking for a Dragon Pokemon, perhaps it is possible to be Mega Sceptile as Grass/Dragon?
    [email protected] There isn't really any character that comes to mind to be connected to Ralts besides Wally and Ralts-Gallade. ... Well, there's manga-version Brendan/Ruby who does actually have a Ralts/Kirlia, but Celever's calling him/himself Brendan, so maybe he's the game version and can't be it. Aside from the obvious Tate/Liza, your only character possibility for who could own a Ralts would be an original character Ranger. Analyzing your ability's wording from all angles, how sure are you that it implies there's another Ralts out there? Or could it be that the "stated" Ralts you say is in your ability actually refers to your own Ralts instead? (Is the wording really strange?)
  15. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Haha Celever I don't know that you would have cos we only know this info because of Dracs flip ;) but with simsands saying the same thing it would seem that perhaps Altaria is still around and in the game :)

    Simsands didn't say typing specifically but I'm assuming you're meaning dragon? (Not flying?) and yeah the only other characters I could think of are Drake and Zinnia (deceased) and obviously Lisia.

    Yep it's odd that TGK didn't use anything, I agree!

    ##unvote: Celever
    ##vote: Vom

    Celever is looking more town like now, Vom care to contribute? Have you caught up?
  16. bbninjas Ready or Not!

    Advanced Member Member

    Vote Count - Day 3

    Valid through: Post 1015

    Vom: 1 (Celever (949), Squirtle Squad (1015))
    Ice Espeon: 1 (SilverSilent (953), scattered mind (954))
    Celever: 1 (scattered mind (961), Squirtle Squad (973))
    scattered mind: 1 (Celever (988))
    Reinforce: 1 (TwistedTurtwig (1009))

    Not voting: 8 (Reinforce, thegrovylekid, Vom, simsands, Ice Espeon, Empoleon_master, Keeper of Night, Cypher333)

    Day Ends: ~69.5 hours

    Vote manipulations, if any, are shown in vote counts.
  17. SilverSilent Dem Eeveelutions


    ##Unvote: Ice Espeon

    I thought I revoked my vote on Ice Espeon

    ##Vote: Vom
  18. Squirtle Squad Aspiring Trainer
    Squirtle Squad


    Why the bandwagon on Vom? Any reasoning behind the vote?
  19. SilverSilent Dem Eeveelutions


    I voted on Vom earlier to try to get him to talk more was all.
  20. Vom Hey, Adora ~

    Forum Mod Member

    Sorry, I checked on this on school and since the alert disappeared I forgot x_x

    Not necessarily, you could always be with the other scum team; but I don't think that's the case. At least not for now.

    What was the ability?

    Well, sorry then ;_; I was talking about the game where Mr. Muffin was a scum announcer. Must be another game then.

    I've caught up with has happened today, but I don't really understand what's going on. There's TT thinking RF is scum from his 'bbl' (which makes sense to me, actually), and Keeper thinking Celever is scum because he lynched mafia (?).

    Also @TwistedTurtwig can you post your claim again please?
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