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  • Current summer read: The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers. I'm no fan of the subject material, but it's a powerful novel nonetheless.
    Wooh, happy birthday! Go and... idk... drive a car?? The fun stuff is either not PG-13 or delayed until 21 in America anyway :v
    Thanks Celever! I'm going to do something wild and crazy... like vote!
    Ssshhhh, no one's supposed to know about them... We even have an Australia-wide misdirection campaign (involving chocolates!) to make people think they're not real.
    Very nice; aren't epiphanies great? I had gotten all the rebirth and phoenix references, but that particular one escaped me.
    Smart. Both you and WPM.

    Angelo... hehe. How did I not see that?
    But, see? once you have the right frame of reference, you can see what they intend, but some things are just too much work.

    Here's the popcorn. Now, we watch.
    Sorry about that, I saw what happened.
    I'd say that there's not much more you, or anyone, can do to solve this; the whole point of this is to make people go after nonsensical clues to generate buzz and hype; WPM is a filmmaker; of course he would use teasers, ARGs and personal interviews (up to and including an alter ego to let the players know details that are too important to stay hidden); add to that that everybody in the know is laughing their asses off with the user's theories and such (and who can blame them? I would be too, if they only told me) and you can see the appeal.
    If you like to play the game, keep trying; if not, chaos jackal, palutena and I have popcorn over here.
    All we know, and it's probably the most that we'll know, is that it involves the site's fabled revamping; that some (most?) mods are aware of, if not all, details of it, and that it's been in the works for quite a long time now; it's not much, but you can't glean much more; the clues require a specific knowledge to make sense; a knowledge most people here don't have.
    With CJ and P we've been theorizing that it will mark the end of us old-timers on pokebeach, so we've decided to sit back and watch the show. Once you get in the whole conspiratorial mindset, it can be quite amusing.
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