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Roll up, roll up, players! Werewolf XXVIII Omega Alpha (aka Mafia) hosted by @bbninjas and @Camoclone has been announced! Please read the rules and other stuff down there. They're important.

Steven Stone, current Hoenn Champion, is meditating at Meteor Falls - Stone's favourite location in all of Hoenn. Steven is currently pondering about the previous phenomenon caused by Team Aqua and Team Magma, which nearly lead to the destructive clash of the land and sea.

'What was their motive?' Steven thought. 'Well, it was obvious really - both teams had mentioned it themselves; "to create a habitat for amphibious/land Pokémon".' He also ponders the motive of Kyogre and Groudon; why did they fight? Were they expelling stored energy?

He silently calls out his Metagross; thinking 'Perhaps having a look into the future would help.' Communicating with ancient hand signals, Steven's Metagross sets up a Future Sight for Steven.

"Impossible!" he gasps.

Meanwhile, at Hoenn's Pokémon Ranger Base…

"I thank you for all travelling a great distance to be present at the graduation of Solana and Lunick," announces President Lamont. "From today on-wards, Solana and her Plusle, and Lunick and his Minun, will become known as Area Rangers of the region Fiore!"

The gathered crowd of Pokémon Rangers cheer.

"I now ask Solana to give her graduation speech," says Lamont.

"Firstly, I would like to thank all of the Rangers whom have provided support during my journey through Ranger School," says Solana. "They have taught me to use my heart; I will always think of Pokémon as friends, not tools."

Once Solana had finished, Lunick steps up and gives a similar speech. It is time to say the Pokémon Ranger oath and to present the Red and Blue Orbs.

"Today, I Solona, and I Lunick," Solona and Lunick say respectively, "proclaim to endeavour to protect all weak, needy and endangered Pokémon using all of our heart and all of our abilities."

"Thank you Rangers." Lamont addresses the crowd, "I now hereby present official Capture Stylers and Pokémon Ranger uniforms to these young students. I also, according to Ranger tradition, present these young Rangers with the Red and Blue Or-"

Lamont never finishes and is instead interrupted by a dangerous cracking sound that can be interpreted as concrete snapping. Right after the Rangers realize this, Tabitha and Courtney spring from the floor in synchronization with three Houndoom.

"It's so easy, isn't it Tabitha?" gloats Courtney. "It's like taking candy from a Togepi!"

"Yes, but... BACK ON TASK," roars Tabitha. "Hand over the Red Orb, or else." In stunned silence, Houndoom swiftly Snatches the orb from Lunick and Flings it at Tabitha.

"Enjoy your life while you can, Pokémon Rangers," says Courtney, laughing hysterically. The Team Magma Admins escape promptly.

Suddenly, the Pokémon Rangers regain their senses.

"Places everybody!" shouts young Kellyn, in a calm voice. "We must retrieve that orb!"

The Rangers quickly leave the building, calling up Pokémon with Ranger Signs or harnessing them with Capture Stylers. Unfortunately for the Rangers, they had left the Blue Orb unguarded, which is sneakily stolen by Team Aqua Admins Matt and Shelly.

"Quick, after Team Magma!" orders Shelly. "We must not let them wake Groudon!" The duo leaves quickly.

A few students approach Lamont, asking him if they may help in this crisis. Deciding to promote them, the students rush off to help save the world.

Afterwards at Meteor Falls

"Impossible!" gasps Steven, "It is not possible! It... It... We defeated them!? ...Is that... A primal reversion...?" The Champion pauses and then mutters to himself. "I must warn Professor Birch at once, and call for reinforcements." Steven then silently recalls Metagross into its Pokéball and swiftly leaves Meteor Falls, without a trace.

A mysterious young girl drops down from a cavern above. “A primal reversion, huh?” she murmurs. “Looks like someone finally got their act together…”

There are three factions in this game: Pokémon Rangers ("good guys"), Team Magma ("werewolves") and Team Aqua ("mafia"). There may or may not be independents.

The town’s win condition is to eliminate any threats. These are Team Magma, Team Aqua and any independents, if applicable.

Team Magma’s win condition is to eliminate all those aligned with the Pokémon Rangers. They also hate Team Aqua, and thus must eliminate them too.

Team Aqua’s win condition is virtually the same as Team Magma’s: they must eliminate all those aligned with the Pokémon Rangers, as well as eliminate Team Magma.

All anti-town will have realistic safe claims available to them.

Mechanic Stuff
The game will start on Night 0. Only abilities that specifically state that they can be used on Night 0 may be used during Night 0. Players with QuickTopics may use them on Night 0.

Nights and Days aren’t going to be a set amount, although Days will probably begin as 120 hours and Nights as 48 hours. All times will be calculated using Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10).

Team Magma and Team Aqua both of the ability to perform a nightkills. Nightkills will always occur first during the night, unless an action is used that alters the outcome of the nightkill, which would, in this case, be performed first. Oh, by the way, I’ve used eliminated and dead on and off, but they both mean the same thing.

Players can be eliminated by lynch. Vote for players using ##VOTE: <playername> and unvote using ##UNVOTE: <playername>. Please bold votes, as I may miss them unbolded. You must always unvote before you make a new vote.

Wild Pokémon may appear during updates. These Pokémon will have effects on the game, however this effect will be unknown by the majority during the beginning of the game.

Items can be found in this game! You must pass any items you have on hand to another player each night, providing they have not been used up (you will be notified if they have been). Also, if a player is in possession of an item on their death, they must PM me a player/s to pass each item to.

Role: Professor Birch
Alignment: Pokémon Ranger

You are Professor Birch, the world’s third most renowned Pokémon Professor. Since you sent off Brendan and May on their Pokémon journeys countless data has been streaming in, but you still have had time to do your fieldwork.

Passive Ability: Professertastic
As the professor, you know all the game mechanics, game roles, player alignments and the like. You know everything!

Ability: Publications
As often as you like during the Night, you may PM players the results of their actions. Boy, aren’t you busy?

Pokémon: Zigzagoon (Tackle)
As often as you like during the game, you may PM me ##ATKZIGZAGOON and the name of a player. That player will be tackled into oblivion, and be modkilled.

Win Condition: To eliminate Team Aqua and Team Magma.
There are three main parts that can be part of your role:

Firstly, the Passive Ability. This ability is always active, and you cannot deactivate it (however the ability can possibly be blocked). Passive Abilities are considered different to Abilities and Pokémon.

Secondly, the Ability. This is your standard ability, that you must PM me to activate as according to the ability details. Abilities are considered different to Passive Abilities and Pokémon.

Thirdly, the Pokémon. This is essentially an Ability with a mechanic attached to it. Pokémon can be captured, and have an accuracy rate (which, unless otherwise stated, is 100%). Pokémon are considered different to Abilities and Passive Abilities.

Also, roles may be slightly inconsistent. This game has been designed over an extended period of time, so my writing style may vary throughout the roles. Also, don't base reads around role flavour (scum have safeclaims), cause that will not do you any good.

Addressing Inactivity
We are not afraid to address inactivity. Nobody enjoys playing an inactive game, so if you’re not active enough (activity is defined as five or more posts a day), we will modkill or replace you. We’ll make sure to notify you if you’re on the verge of modkill, but hopefully there will be no need. If you plan on being inactive, don’t join.

Other Rules
1) You may not edit your posts.
2) You may directly quote anything I send you, but you may not screenshot anything.
3) You may like posts as long as you are alive. Once you have liked a post, you may not unlike it.
4) Do not talk about the game outside of the game thread unless your ability lets you to.
5) No player may post in thread during night.
5) Please don’t insult a player. They don’t like it, I don’t like it, and it’s not cool.
6) You must always abide by your abilities. Failure to do so will lead to warnings or being modkilled.
7) Whatever I say is law. Don’t disobey it, or you will be penalised.
8) Read the other stuff up there. Really, do.

Night 0
Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6

Sign Ups
Post ‘in’ in thread, and you sign up! The game probably won’t begin until there 17+ sign ups, although 21 + subs are preferable.

Spoilered cause spoilers.
  1. Professor Palutena Growlitheguy - Modkilled Day 2
  2. Reinforce - Lynched Day 4 ~ WINNER
  3. thegrovylekid
  4. Celever - Nightkilled Night 5
  5. Luispipe8 - Lynched Day 1
  6. Squirtle Squad ~ WINNER
  7. PMJ - Lynched Day 2
  8. Vom - Lynched Day 6
  9. Keeper of Night - Lynched Day 5
  10. GM DracLord- Nightkilled Night 2
  11. scattered mind - Lynched Day 3
  12. simsands ~ WINNER
  13. Cypher333 - Nightkilled Night 4
  14. TwistedTurtwig - Nightkilled Night 3
  15. Foxtrox SilverSilent
  16. Ice Espeon
  17. Empoleon_master Modkilled Day 4

  1. NONE! PM bbninjas if you'd like to be put down as sub!
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A WW game half-based on my favorite series of Pokemon games? I'm definitely in!


lol that's funny. Birch isn't the world's 3rd most renowned Pokemon professor. It'd probably go:
Professor Oak
Professor Rowan
Professor Elm
Professor Juniper
Professor Birch
Professor Sycamore

Juuuuuuust saying :D

in, btw, this game looks fun n~n


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So many spelling errors in the OP.

You'll definitely need more players, so I'll sign up.
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