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  • bagoly14, Yea I am looking for just the two cards. Though I just bought a large lot of JPN SR/UR so I can't go out and buy it. :\
    Would you be willing to let go of either of the two ex's I asked about (gardy and t-tar)? I understand if you won't, just curious.
    out of curiosity, what types of english cards are you going to sell?
    I might buy some if they are the ones I want ;)
    Your usertitle reminds me of when me and my brother were 4 or 5 and I told him the younger brother (I'm older by a minute :p) had to do whatever the older brother told him to do, and he believed me!
    Hey man I was wondering if you'd like to piece out one of your Ebay auctions. I'm interested in the Colress Machines and Zapdos EX, but Magnezone and the codes won't be worth it.
    My AmiAmi order arrived. Cards were not stinky unfortunately for me. Well fortunate I guess but I was still really curious about it. Then again you figured out where it was coming from, the BW8 packs. They also get from different distributors so that could be a factor. :/
    bagoly14, Yes, you can use any attack, whether it be one that does damage, searches for pokemon, or whatever, on your first turn. You are not limited to only using damaging attacks.
    bagoly14, no problem. And sabledonk was a problem last year which is why they did an early rotation in the 2011 season
    Weird, I typed "PB" and it wrote PokéBeach out for me. XD

    Edit: Wait a second I should've seen that coming.
    I would love to buy it but my funds are extremely limited at the moment. Out of curiosity, how much would you sell the box for here on PB?
    bagoly14, I'd be interested in the JPN Base Box. :D My trade thread is lacking at the moment but I have a bunch on my sale thread if you'd like to take a look. :)
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