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Apr 30, 2020
May 12, 2012
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Jun 24, 1998 (Age: 22)
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Hanover/York Area, Pennsylvania, United States, No

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Wishes Mega Umbreon would exist, Male, 22, from Hanover/York Area, Pennsylvania, United States, No


im alive! Jul 2, 2015

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Apr 30, 2020
    1. MountainDrew
      im alive!
      1. King Arceus
        King Arceus
        *Says hi to the Umbreon and sneaks the Umbreon into Nationals.*
        Jul 2, 2015
    2. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      *Says happy birthday to the Umbreon in hopes it will return.*
      1. MountainDrew likes this.
      2. MountainDrew
        thanks bro, yeah its been awhile haha
        Jul 2, 2015
    3. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Ooh cool. I'm interested to see it tomorrow.
    4. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Yeah, I have plenty. Heck, you can just have some of mine. They're not worth much. :P
    5. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Not really. The only Grass type that OHKOs you is Genesect, which is indeed a huge pain. Against Leafeon and Virizion you just spam Super Scoop Ups. Against Genesect you just kinda hope you hit heads on Crushing Hammer. :P
    6. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Eh. I feel like there's no situation in that deck that I would want to use another attacker. Quaking Punch's effect is just too broken. Especially combined with the stupids Trainers in the deck. I'd just play a different deck if I wanted to counter the meta.
    7. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Yup. >_> I still think I chose a good deck though. I'm really comfortable with it, and it had great match ups all around. I think it may get countered too hard for me to play it next Saturday though.
    8. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Thanks! I lost to Bronzong/Dialga/Aegislash, which also won the tournament. I don't run any basic Energy, so his Aegislashes and Keldeo really screwed me.
    9. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      I'll most likely have bats (4-4-4), maybe Acro Bike. May or may not be using some of those in my deck.

      Oh, and I got top 8! :D
    10. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      Sweet. I'll see you tomorrow! If you need any cards, just let me know.
    11. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      I'm going to all of those! I assume you are too?
    12. Luispipe8
      Sorry, was a bit busy. I'm going to be away in ~6 hours from this post, so if you come back before then,we can battle.
    13. bbninjas
      Not really, but you can become the third sub.
    14. bbninjas
    15. Cinesra
      I'm ready when you are
    16. Cinesra
      [b]MountainDrew[/b], I'm ready
    17. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      I ended up going 6-2 at Fort Wayne. The time had run out in my fourth round match. I would have won that one because my opponent couldn't do anything to hurt me. They didn't stall, the battle just took that long. My other loss also went to time, but I was going to lose anyway. My final placement was 19 out of 244. New CP: 104
    18. Luispipe8
      Haha, no worries, fine by me. ;)
    19. MountainDrew
      Lol I only work like 20 hours a week, but I still go to school
    20. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      *Tells MD he put in slightly over 99 hours in the last two weeks at work.*
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  • About

    Jun 24, 1998 (Age: 22)
    Home Page:
    http://Dont got a website
    Hanover/York Area, Pennsylvania, United States, No
    Pokémon TCG
    Pokemon VGC
    Ladies ^__^
    Air Soft Wars
    Super Smash Bros
    Mario Kart
    Call of Duty
    Pokemon Showdown
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    Here's some cool stuff that I've done in TCG:

    Masters (2013-14):

    15th Place PA States (Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Lugia EX)
    15th Place DE States (Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Lugia EX/Kyurem)
    24th Place MD States (Aromatisse/Rainbow Attackers)
    4th Place Reading City (Virizion EX/Genesect EX/Mewtwo EX/Dusknoir)
    1st place XY Flashfire Prerelease (Charizard EX/Meowstic/Florges)
    2nd place XY Prerelease (Xerneas EX/Xerneas/Aromatisse/Slurpuff/Bidoof)

    Seniors (2010-13):

    Last in SheNinja's tourney
    Grass Aroma Champion
    5 Time League Tourney Winner!
    1st place Battle Roads (Donphan Dragons)
    1st place Battle Roads (Donphan Dragons)
    1st place City (Donphan Dragons)
    2nd place Battle Roads (Articuno EX/Thundurus EX/Kyurem/Dusknoir)
    3rd place Battle Roads (Kyurem/Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Lugia EX/Absol)
    4th place Battle Roads (Kyurem/Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Lugia EX)
    4th place City (Donphan Dragons)
    1st place Battle Roads (LuxChomp)
    4th place Battle Roads (LuxChomp)
    8th PA States (Magnezone)
    11th PA States (Zekeels)
    3rd place Cities (Landorus/Mewtwo/Terrakion)
    4th place Battle Roads (Raieels)
    2nd place Battle Roads (Zoroark Darkrai)
    2nd place Battle Roads (Raieels)
    1st place Dragons Exalted Prerelease (Sigilyph/Gothitelle/Golurk)
    1st place HS Unleashed Prerelease (Poliwrath/Tyranitar Prime/Blastoise)
    1st place Noble Victories Prerelease winner (Kyurem/Chandelure)

    Juniors (2009):

    Using Ho- Oh EX and Lugia EX (Unseen Forces) in the same deck and being successful
    18th Pa States (Leafeon Lvx Deck) it was my first year playing pokemon :P
    Friend Code(s):
    I have Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and a ton of Pokemon Games. PM me if want the fc
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • TCG Player
    • VG Player
    • Competitive TCG Player
    • Competitive VG Player
    • Episode Watcher
    Generation Started:
    Well this is a Pokemon bio so I'll give you guys a little info about my favorite things about Pokemon in top 5s:

    Top 5 Grass Pokemon:
    1. Ludicolo
    2. Breloom
    3. Sceptile
    4. Gourgeist
    5. Exeggutor

    Top 5 Fire Pokemon:
    1. Charizard
    2. Houndoom
    3. Pyroar
    4. Arcanine
    5. Volcarona

    Top 5 Water Pokemon:
    1. Feraligatr
    2. Gyarados
    3. Azumarill
    4. Swampert
    5. Greninja

    Top 5 Lightning:
    1. Jolteon
    2. Luxray
    3. Galvantula
    4. Raichu
    5. Electabuzz

    Top 5 Fighting Pokemon:
    1. Machamp
    2. Scrafty
    3. Heracross
    4. Gallade
    5. Lucario

    Top 5 Psychic Pokemon:
    1. Alakazam
    2. Espeon
    3. Metagross
    4. Gardevoir
    5. Delphox

    Top 5 Normal Pokemon:
    1. Bidoof
    2. Snorlax
    3. Ursaring
    4. Cinccino
    5. Miltank

    Top 5 Ice Pokemon:
    1. Mamoswine
    2. Weavile
    3. Cloyster
    4. Aurorus
    5. Walrein

    Top 5 Poison Pokemon:
    1. Nidoking
    2. Gengar
    3. Crobat
    4. Drapion
    5. Toxicroak

    Top 5 Ground Pokemon:
    1. Krookodile
    2. Garchomp
    3. Nidoking
    4. Mamoswine
    5. Gliscor

    Top 5 Flying Pokemon:
    1. Charizard
    2. Aerodactyl
    3. Gyarados
    4. Braviary
    5. Honchkrow

    Top 5 Bug Pokemon:
    1. Heracross
    2. Scizor
    3. Pinsir
    4. Yanmega
    5. Drapion

    Top 5 Rock Pokemon:
    1. Tyranitar
    2. Aerodactyl
    3. Kabutops
    4. Tyrantrum
    5. Archeops

    Top 5 Ghost Pokemon:
    1. Gengar
    2. Dusknoir
    3. Gourgeist
    4. Chandelure
    5. Trevenant

    Top Dragon Pokemon:
    1. Hydreigon
    2. Garchomp
    3. Noivern
    4. Tyrantrum
    5. Dragonite

    Top 5 Dark Pokemon:
    1. Umbreon
    2. Hydreigon
    3. Houndoom
    4. Krookodile
    5. Scrafty

    Top 5 Steel Pokemon:
    1. Scizor
    2. Metagross
    3. Bisharp
    4. Ferrothorn
    5. Lucario

    Top 5 Fairy Pokemon:
    1. Azumarill
    2. Gardevoir
    3. Florges
    4. Wigglytuff
    5. Dedenne

    Top 5 Legendary Pokemon:
    1. Darkrai
    2. Rayquaza
    3. Yveltal
    4. Ho-Oh
    5. Mewtwo

    Top 5 Pokemon Regions:
    1. Kanto
    2. Johto
    3. Kalos
    4. Hoenn
    5. Unova

    Top 5 Least Favorite Pokemon:
    1. Luvdisc
    2. Togekiss
    3. Klefki
    4. Kangaskhan- Mega
    5. Stunfisk

    Congratz on Reading all of this :p
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