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    Emma Watson, Life is busy as hell.

    What's up with you man?
    Emma Watson, Uhhhh sure. Have to go to bed soon but w/e. I have time for 1 game.

    Link: http://www2.playtcg.me/Setup/OppChooseDeck.aspx?id=1358460&key=1484483304
    Emma Watson, You have my address, y'know. If you want me to rub coconut oil on you, you can fly to me and I'll do it (maybe). I'm too busy to go flying places all willy nilly.
    Emma Watson, Tell him to reply to my fudging Skype messages. :p
    Emma Watson, yeah how's berkeley
    Emma Watson, Chilling at college wbu
    Emma Watson, Moving into my dorm in 3 days haha wbu
    Emma Watson, Oh, cool! Too bad I'm never going to any events on the west coast...

    Nah, and I don't really plan to. I'm busy enough with all my other responsibilities. Reading all the junk people post on Facebook would just take up more time.
    Emma Watson, Oh hey, good to see ya!

    Been pretty good recently. Been working on the forums a lot lately, moderating Competitive TCG and Forum Games. I'm also planning to go to Worlds for the LCQ, so I've been testing a lot for that. Other than that, not much. What about you?
    Yeah I do. wtf do you use you're never here or on Skype.
    Emma Watson, Waitlisted at UPenn or something?
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