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  • Very nice speech in TCGOne! I'm planning a game that involves TCGOne to get PF out there but...
    SoulWind, Well I'm not looking for sets anymore. However since you do have some incomplete sets, I was wondering if you had some of these singles?

    If you do, would you price match tonsofcardsandmore.com? I did a lot of searching for stuff I needed.
    Hey man. I know I said I was interested in buying in July and I still am but money has been pretty tight unfortunately. I am planning on selling my bulk lots sometime between August and September. Once that is done if you still are selling some cards I would like to use the extra money I make to buy from you.
    Just got in extras of the following, if you are interested shoot me an offer :D

    1x 048/XY-P DelphoxEX Fire Lizardon Mega Battle participation prize
    3x 059/XY-P Pangoro Fighting Rising Fist booster box purchase
    3x 038/XY-P HawluchaEX Fighting Mega Lucario BoxSoulWind,
    ISoulWind, I have a complete set of everything from HGSS excluding RH, but including various decks/etc. I might try to sell it off as a whole.

    I think I'll shoot for $3k on the entire era of BW 1ED, and would take $1000 if they were willing to purchase without the FA/UR cards.
    SoulWind, Hey, I'm considering selling off my BW series sets. Pretty hard to value it though. Do you think $3k for everything from BW 1ED is high or low (including all main sets + side decks/etc). I'd appreciate the input.

    Also might go ahead and sell of my HGSS stuff too, I know you were interested in that at one point, lmk if still looking.
    SoulWind, Sure, just let me know. I expect to receive in about 2 weeks and would value the set at ~$50.
    Hey, I have an extra set of the gym promos coming in from this round. You interested or already manage to get some?

    Have extra of these:
    039/XY-P Shiftry Grass
    040/XY-P Spheal Water
    041/XY-P Meowstic Psychic
    042/XY-P Skrelp Psychic
    043/XY-P Tyrunt Fighting
    044/XY-P KrookodileEX Darkness
    045/XY-P Sliggoo Dragon
    046/XY-P Enhanced Hammer I
    047/XY-P Foul Play Coin I
    SoulWind, Heads up: I have an extra
    031/XY-P Goodra Dragon Wild Blaze booster box purchase
    032/XY-P Fiery Torch I Wild Blaze Commemoration Campaign
    034/XY-P Chespin Grass Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    035/XY-P Fennekin Fire Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    036/XY-P Froakie Water Charizard Mega Battle Pack

    Incoming within the next month, would you like me to set any aside for you?
    SoulWind, don't know if you are interested or not, but a NEO 3 binder just popped up on ebay. They are pretty hard to come by nowadays, and I just found one myself:

    SoulWind, The cheapest I can find 1-2xy-p is still about 8,000 yen which after shipping and all else would be close to $100.
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