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  • Very nice speech in TCGOne! I'm planning a game that involves TCGOne to get PF out there but...
    SoulWind, Well I'm not looking for sets anymore. However since you do have some incomplete sets, I was wondering if you had some of these singles?

    If you do, would you price match tonsofcardsandmore.com? I did a lot of searching for stuff I needed.
    Hey man. I know I said I was interested in buying in July and I still am but money has been pretty tight unfortunately. I am planning on selling my bulk lots sometime between August and September. Once that is done if you still are selling some cards I would like to use the extra money I make to buy from you.
    Just got in extras of the following, if you are interested shoot me an offer :D

    1x 048/XY-P DelphoxEX Fire Lizardon Mega Battle participation prize
    3x 059/XY-P Pangoro Fighting Rising Fist booster box purchase
    3x 038/XY-P HawluchaEX Fighting Mega Lucario BoxSoulWind,
    ISoulWind, I have a complete set of everything from HGSS excluding RH, but including various decks/etc. I might try to sell it off as a whole.

    I think I'll shoot for $3k on the entire era of BW 1ED, and would take $1000 if they were willing to purchase without the FA/UR cards.
    SoulWind, Hey, I'm considering selling off my BW series sets. Pretty hard to value it though. Do you think $3k for everything from BW 1ED is high or low (including all main sets + side decks/etc). I'd appreciate the input.

    Also might go ahead and sell of my HGSS stuff too, I know you were interested in that at one point, lmk if still looking.
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