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  • Good news! I'm going to start trading again! :D I may not be opening a thread right away, and I won't be doing more than one or two trades at a time, but it's something.
    SoulWind,I'll do 20 this time since I messed up and I know you were planning on getting the gym cards from me.
    SoulWind, welp, I messed up my order cause i'm dumb and do not have extras of the gym set. I only have chesnaught ex, greninja ex, and muscle band. Do you still want those or no?
    SoulWind, Could you do $65? Shipping ended up being a bit more than I expected. That's still like 60% of pokevaults prices, but that place is way overpriced to begin with.
    SoulWind, Just an FYI, my order for this month FINALLY is shipping from Tokyo. They said they had delays due to snowfall, but that took forever. Its coming via EMS so should be here within the week I hope.
    SoulWind, a sale is probably best at this time then. I'll be getting more promos from the next part that was released as well, but that wont be until the end of the month maybe we can do a deal for some xy2 cards then, ill let you know what I need when the set list is released. How about $25 shipped for the helioptile/gogoat?
    SoulWind, Got my order in along with an extra helioptile and gogoat, whenever you are ready to make a deal let me know.
    SoulWind, I'll look over it. Not really interested in the XY stuff since its missing almost all the relevant holos. I'll try my luck elsewhere on those, but might want some of the /P promos.
    SoulWind, So I know you have leftovers from your XY1 box openings. I'm trying to get 1x each of all the new pokemon from that set for my "pokedex". I put a complete list in my trade thread of what I need, mind looking and seeing what you have?

    Mostly C/U, a few holos 11 or 12, and 2 EX (xerneas and yvetal)
    SoulWind, 6700 yen for the set of pika/raichu. I won't be doing any unnumbered promos as I like having a "set" to finish instead of just random cards thrown in.
    SoulWind, I have an extra gogoat and helioptile incoming, I'll let you know when I receive them it will be a week or two at most since its coming from japan. Those are all you need I guess? Did you manage to get the pikachu raichu? I did but was not particularly happy about what I had to pay.

    You so rucky to open those! I'd love to get some extra cash and open more Neo sets just for Nostalgia but I just dont make enough money.

    Wow the fact that you found that on ebay at is a miracle. An expensive miracle. I wish I had cash to burn on those...

    But there's a guy on youtube who "professionally microwaves" expensive consoles and even worse... people who BUY the destroyed console for 1k to 3k. It's like... I can barely afford a working but there are people like this in the world?
    Wow you got stuff from Base set? Wish I had a few packs. Hey remember that guy who got them for a "good deal" at a flea market? I wonder why he never spoke of his success... either he's the modest profiter or he found out he got gypped.

    I think I'll sort my bulk out when I get time off work and see what they go for then.

    The ex series had some amazing stuff I hate they're so rare and expensive. I really want a Japanese Gold sky and Silver ocean booster box. But that'd be a crazy price seeing as it's non existant and Unseen Forces cost 400$+.
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