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  • NarcoticHobo, nice! :3 I wish I had the money to buy em. How about the promos and stuff, still got those and all? :3
    Believe it or not, life has been *pretty* hectic for me and I am BACK and ready to get into trading again! :D Got anything to trade or interesting sets or stuff? :3
    If you can give a rough estimate as to the cost I can see if I can do it. As long as it's not ridiculous I probably can.
    NarcoticHobo, Should get it in tomorrow afternoon! My order was delayed due to a miscommunication on the back end re: order quantity.
    I decided I would pass on the new Gym Challenge promos. I ran into some unexpected expenses and decided to put my promos on hold. I'd still be interested in the LL set a little bit down the road (but again, depends on what you want to do with it). :D
    NarcoticHobo, I need

    031/XY-P Goodra Dragon Wild Blaze booster box purchase - ?
    032/XY-P Fiery Torch I Wild Blaze Commemoration Campaign
    034/XY-P Chespin Grass Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    035/XY-P Fennekin Fire Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    036/XY-P Froakie Water Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    039/XY-P Shiftry Grass
    040/XY-P Spheal Water
    041/XY-P Meowstic Psychic
    042/XY-P Skrelp Psychic
    043/XY-P Tyrunt Fighting
    044/XY-P KrookodileEX Darkness
    045/XY-P Sliggoo Dragon
    046/XY-P Enhanced Hammer I
    047/XY-P Foul Play Coin I
    NarcoticHobo, That sounds reasonable to ask $1K for just the base sets and no SR/UR. I understand you want to sell the HGSS cards altogether, but would you perhaps consider a trade on it? I have a handful of extra promos and that Neo 3 partial set. If not (and you'd rather sell in a lot), that's fine too. Figured I would mention it. :)
    NarcoticHobo, I considered selling off my BW sets as well and came to the same price. Should include everything from BW1 to EBB in 1st ED (although I didn't have a single deck when I considered selling my sets, so that makes your offer a better one). It is difficult to find a buyer who will drop $3K on an entire era, so I would consider accepting offers as low as $2.5K if the sale is a private one (without fees).

    I am actually still very interested in the HGSS cards! I recall that you don't have any RH left, but do you still have the Lost Link set? I missed an auction for one awhile back and could use it.
    NarcoticHobo, Thanks for the that! I actually have these all in hand or incoming since I managed to work a few trades for the cards. I appreciate the offer though. :)
    NarcoticHobo, Great price and thank you for the link! I purchased one for my own collection a few months back, but I will see if I can share the link with someone else who needs it.
    NarcoticHobo, That is kind of expensive but not a bad idea. I don't think they will drop in value anytime soon. I made some purchases to finish up the Neo 3 set and it is currently missing 3 cards: Ho-Oh and the two Shinings. I would think it is worth around $100 but I might be wrong on that.. Sets on eBay are all over the place and vary in condition and completeness.
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