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  • SoulWind, Sure, just let me know. I expect to receive in about 2 weeks and would value the set at ~$50.
    Hey, I have an extra set of the gym promos coming in from this round. You interested or already manage to get some?

    Have extra of these:
    039/XY-P Shiftry Grass
    040/XY-P Spheal Water
    041/XY-P Meowstic Psychic
    042/XY-P Skrelp Psychic
    043/XY-P Tyrunt Fighting
    044/XY-P KrookodileEX Darkness
    045/XY-P Sliggoo Dragon
    046/XY-P Enhanced Hammer I
    047/XY-P Foul Play Coin I
    SoulWind, Heads up: I have an extra
    031/XY-P Goodra Dragon Wild Blaze booster box purchase
    032/XY-P Fiery Torch I Wild Blaze Commemoration Campaign
    034/XY-P Chespin Grass Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    035/XY-P Fennekin Fire Charizard Mega Battle Pack
    036/XY-P Froakie Water Charizard Mega Battle Pack

    Incoming within the next month, would you like me to set any aside for you?
    SoulWind, don't know if you are interested or not, but a NEO 3 binder just popped up on ebay. They are pretty hard to come by nowadays, and I just found one myself:

    SoulWind, The cheapest I can find 1-2xy-p is still about 8,000 yen which after shipping and all else would be close to $100.
    SoulWind, I may be interested let me know. I haven't ordered any xy-p's lately since there are only two out that I dont have, but I should order some next month or at the end of this one. Which ones do you still need maybe we can work out a trade eventually.
    SoulWind, ooh that is a rare find. Where'd you get it and would you be willing to part with it? I'd trade both promos plus some other stuff like my Japanese Espeon ex, but I also have no idea how valuable that Ninetales is.
    SoulWind, I will pass on the 2 Full-Arts for that. I will likely just buy some more boxes anyways. I wanna pull some more Charizards, lol. As for grading the cards. I will be getting all 18 Charizards graded along with all my Full-Arts that I pulled. And a bunch of other cards. I have several hundred cards that I want to get graded, but I wouldn't grade more than 50 at a time..
    SoulWind, I could buy the Full-Arts if the price is right. Or if you want the M Charizard Ex it would depend on the offer. Because I want to keep all 18 Charizards that I pulled from Wild Blaze..
    SoulWind, I already have 8 to 12 of each Ex card in the set. As for trading away a Charizard FA, I'll pass. I'll be grading them in the future. That Pokemon Fan Club is one of the 3 Full-Arts i'm still missing. But, I don't want to give up the Charizard. Did you sell or trade the Jolteon * Play Promo?
    SoulWind, Brianjapan is selling the Goodra promo for 20$... bleh. >_> I don't think it's worth THAT much... and he wants 5$ for shipping. Boxes are overpriced along with many SRs... I remember I jumped the gun a bit on lots of SRs and so many new Japan sellers are letting them go for 20-30$ as opposed to 50$... Except Bianca 1st edition, which for some reason still costs a fortune.

    You should like... sell the R's with every 3-4 packs you sell. People are more enticed to buy booster packs if you throw in a holo. :S Or if you have the patience, list every single one of them but I hate listing cards for only a buck or two. Not worth it.
    SoulWind, Oh, they're only exclusive to Pokémon Centers? That's a drag. I thought it was like a box topper, like back in the day. Only they just don't put them in the boxes.

    Yea I was really excited because I like the X Mega a lot! But not really the Y Mega, which has everyone really hyped... I think. I still wish we had shinies instead but it was still cool to get something astoundingly rare from a 2 box purchase. I'm glad I didn't get Kangaskhan, but I probably could have sold it though... What URs did you get?
    SoulWind, yea, but I don't wanna say just yet cause I don't have them in hand, don't wanna make any promises. Weird that I didn't get any promos from the boxes I ordered from AmiAmi...
    SoulWind, well I'm waiting till I open my boxes to see what I get. I don't think I'll buy extra boxes at this point but hoping to get the Pokemon nurse or Charizard SR. Wish URs weren't just gold megas though... I'll be in touch!
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