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  • Quite a lot of it actually, considering! Most of it is of the new Dancer chick, but I've seen one of the red-haired Pegasus Knight and one of the Maid girl, too.
    MrSquarepants, Hi again! I wanted to let you know I am parting with some ~NM or so PCG sets at a reasonable price. They are partial sets and pretty difficult to find so I figured I'd let you know. Each set is missing around ~6-15 cards. Dunno if you are into that but lmk if you are!
    MrSquarepants, That all sounds fine! Shoot me a PM anytime and just let me know what kind of cards you'd be interested in getting more information on. I am trying to increase my inventory between now September. Cheers!
    Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    I have no patience for practice at this point anymore; I'm too old. :p The little bit of art I do make suits for my purposes, though. :D
    Nope, just found it on the internet. :p My artistic skills are not nearly that good.
    MrSquarepants, That is too generous! Thank you so much. I'll shoot you a PM to finalize and of course throw in some goods too.
    MrSquarepants, I think it is worth around $15 so maybe a tad more than the promos. I am cool with swapping it just for the two promos though! I bought a complete ADV 4 set but I already had a few of the cards from when I tried to piece my own set together (would not ever recommend this for sets in that era). Let me know! :D
    I checked your list and I have that Ninetales ex. It is 1st ED and from the Japanese expansion ADV 4 Undone Seal. That might actually be the only card I have from your wants list.
    MrSquarepants, Sounds great! I could use one of each. :D Need anything from Wild Blaze or other sets? I've got a spare Charizard EX and maybe a few other cards. :)
    Could you help me evolve my Slowpoke, Haunter and Electabuzz? PM me on your answer and tell me your IGN please and thank you.
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