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    It's wicked late but thanks for the birthday wish.

    It's wicked late but thanks for the birthday wish.
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    Collecting The Foreign Booster Box "Pull Rates" Thread

    Both Sun and Moon boxes have pretty much the same pull rates as previous sets... even though you get more booster packs, you still only get 4 ultra rares. And those can either be 3 Pokémon GX with 1 SR/HR/UR or... 4 Pokémon GX, which no one wants. It's pretty annoying since the prices went up a...
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    Video: Preview of 'Sun' and 'Moon' Anime

    The animation and art style kind of reminds me of the 1st Digimon movie. Not to trigger anyone but I'm just saying, they look pretty similar...
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    I would Avoid Selling To Troll and Toad, Unless You Want Troll Cash.

    Hey everyone, hope this is in the right forum, wasn't too sure but seeing as I'm talking about a place that sells Pokemon cards, I thought this fit best. Anyway I sold some really rare cards to Troll and Toad, about 50, worth about 250$ and they got it on the 25th of April. They didn't process...
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    RBY 'Pokemon Red,' 'Blue,' 'Yellow' to be Released on 3DS Virtual Console!

    Most likely the price increase is because of the updated trading and battling link. I could have lived without but it's good if the kids wanna use it.
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    Double Mega Break M Mawile + M Aerodactyl Set Overpriced on Amiami?

    Ohhhhh.... oops. Well that makes it better then! I did only want one but hey now I have more packs to open for a pretty decent price. Thanks for the clearing that up for me! Actually I was going to keep it either way, but it was just baffling how pricey that was, but now I know why!
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    Double Mega Break M Mawile + M Aerodactyl Set Overpriced on Amiami?

    Hi, I pre-ordered this hastily from However, I at first didn't count the 10k yen to USD and assumed it was around 10$. Then I realized "wait...
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    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    I managed to grab a Greninja pre-order today. My store only had ten. I feel bad for the folks who didn't get one. This shouldn't be happening for a 14$ toy. Can understand it for the hype of a new system but for a toy character? GTFO Nintendo.
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    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    At least you can walk into a store and buy it when it comes out. In the US freaking people are going to line up hours before the store opens and they'll be gone.
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    'Emerald Break' Beginning to Leak! [3/11]

    Eh, not really hyped up for this set. The artwork is okay, some are really impressive but most of them are pretty much what we've already seen in recent sets. What does bug me though is the recycled Pokemon EX... Sure Thundurus normal form hasn't been used before but I mean... he already got a...
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    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    Man, scalpers everywhere. Toad amiibo wasn't going be rare, Nintendo said so themselves. Sure he had some light stock but Nintendo would make sure he would readily available, yet people are suckers and give into hysteria and hype and so... wasted money on this...
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    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    ^ Lucky, the Targets in my area all sold out or didn't get them yet and don't know when they will. Apparently Target got only 3 of them in different strores. Biggest problem with her right now is apparently some nutjob really hates her, and wants no one to buy her so he spent 4,000$ on as much...
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    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    Nah apparently it has something to do with post workers on strike somewhere in the US. Still annoying though. So easy to get store exclusive Disney Infinity figures. So frustrating to get a store exclusive Amiibo. Hey who knows, maybe in a year Amiibos will be everywhere like the Nintendo Wii...
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    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    DA FUQ... All the new ones... Lucario, Sheik, Ike, Toon Link and so on are all sold out here before they even released! Nintendo really limits the shipment to America... I think they're pissed at us for not buying as much as Europe has been. Europe has been their best consumer lately...
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    Amiibo Discussion Thread

    Yea but Amiami sometimes foreshadows what will sell out in other places. Although since most of them are friggin scalpers, a large amount of people have the "rare" amiibos so they're only selling for about 20-30$ which is not too terrible unlike the Marth and Villager ones which they didn't make...