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  • SuchADamnLady369, OMG I was waiting for you to finish your gamechat but then you signed off at 8:30 and I assumed you were done for the night! Sorry!
    If you're still in need of those trades, I finally got home and finished dinner. Send me the notification whenever you're ready.
    SuchADamnLady369, I would help except I am stuck at work till 7pm tonight. I dunno if you wanna wait that long... Try to see if someone else can do it before me but if not I can definitely help after 7.
    Also, sorry for spamming your profile. I just realized pm's would have been the better route to take.
    Also, it wanted to learn Heal Pulse and I didn't know if you you wanted it to know it so I said no. I figured you could always go to the move reminder if you wanted it to learn it.
    I didn't see the message you left me so when I saw a Cassie wanted to trade I didn't realize it was you and when I saw what you were trading I had no idea what to give you. That's why I cancelled.
    Hey, sorry. Yeah, we can trade now.
    You just need to evolve right?
    I sure can. My in game name is Gary. My 3DS is foo895, just like on here.
    Hi, looking to add you for friend safari. My FC is 4871-5450-8810. Let me know.

    Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    Ehmmm, change of plans I'll be online till 3PM and back by 8PM. My friend got Captain America 2 tickets for the afternoon so I won't be available after all during the early evening.
    Oh yea sure! My IGN is June. I won't be available tomorrow until the early evening though. Bout 3 or 4 o clock I would if I can avoid traffic.
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