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    1. Scorched Feathers
      Scorched Feathers
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      2. Reshiwott
        is that where she went?
        Jul 24, 2017
      3. Scorched Feathers
        Scorched Feathers
        That performance probably why she left AOA
        Jul 24, 2017
      4. Reshiwott
        Aug 4, 2017
    2. Nyora
      Hehe just noticed you have 500 messages. :P
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    3. Reshiwott
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      2. Little Cherrim
        Feb 26, 2017
      3. PikaMasterJesi
        Feb 26, 2017
    4. PikaMasterJesi
      Do you even post on the forums anymore? I see you around from time to time on Skype, but never on the forums.
    5. Reshiwott
      [18:27] Equinox: I need to find some space on my user title for troop doop scoop
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    6. Reshiwott
      I am a mess.
    7. Shining Raikou
      Shining Raikou
      [b]Reshiwott[/b], I resigned.
    8. Blui
      [b]Reshiwott[/b], nice. I went back yesterday.
    9. Blui
      [b]Reshiwott[/b], same, I have to go to school on Wednesday though :o
    10. Blui
      [b]Reshiwott[/b], yeah that sounds about right. What's up?
    11. Reshiwott
      Goddamn I haven't been here in a while!
    12. Reshiwott
      Oh my god everybody that isn't actually my birthday I should fix that but thanks! xD
    13. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    14. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    15. froggy025
      Happy Birthday =)
    16. froggy025
      Happy Birthday =)
    17. Teal
      Hey Reshi! Happy Birthday!
    18. Teal
      Hey Reshi! Happy Birthday!
    19. Breakfast Cereal
      Breakfast Cereal
      Happy birthday! Go get some cake, my man.
    20. Breakfast Cereal
      Breakfast Cereal
      Happy birthday! Go get some cake, my man.
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    Nov 10, 2001 (Age: 18)
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    Cursed with 2nd.
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    3866-8474-8274 (3DS XL)
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    Generation Started:
    yknow what sometimes i contemplate removing these quotes because none of them are actually funny but they feel like ancient texts now

    (20:44) MrGatr: Umm dood
    (20:44) Wanted- AGL: what
    (20:44) MrGatr: Nigel is small he can't hold a gun that's bigger than him
    (20:44) MrGatr: (Which is every gun)

    (20:45:18) Derpy Culpeo: Albeit
    (20:45:26) MrGatr: How do you get such cheap cards??
    (20:45:33) Derpy Culpeo: you'll have a hard time defeating walls
    (20:45:34) MrGatr: U should like buy me cards and I'll send you American Money
    (20:45:43) AuraGuardianLucario: There is something called the internet, my friend.
    (20:45:46) Derpy Culpeo: I thought you said American Monkey -.-
    (20:45:53) AuraGuardianLucario: LLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL

    (19:33:49) Zyflair: ...?
    (19:33:51) Flying Panther: its so quiet
    (19:33:56) Zyflair: yup
    (19:33:57) AuraGuardianLucario: I know
    (19:34:03) AuraGuardianLucario: Who are you Panther? on PB
    (19:34:06) Zyflair: there's no AGL on steriods here
    (19:34:08) Flying Panther: :[
    (19:34:13) AuraGuardianLucario: o
    (19:34:18) Flying Panther: not much people
    (19:34:20) Flying Panther: ..
    (19:34:21) AuraGuardianLucario: Oh yeah, Zyflair?
    (19:34:30) ***AuraGuardianLucario takes steroids
    (19:34:35) AuraGuardianLucario: YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
    (19:34:41) AuraGuardianLucario: I'M HAPPY
    (19:34:42) AuraGuardianLucario: CUZ
    (19:34:47) AuraGuardianLucario: I AM YA KNOW
    (19:34:48) Zyflair: Well, PB is not known for it's PO server
    (19:34:49) AuraGuardianLucario: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    (19:34:56) AuraGuardianLucario: WHAT IS PO
    (19:35:00) AuraGuardianLucario: I'M HAPPY
    (19:35:01) Zyflair: Pokemon Online
    (19:35:08) Zyflair: Answering because I can
    (19:35:17) AuraGuardianLucario: I'M ON STERIODS I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING WHEEE
    (19:35:26) AuraGuardianLucario: SOMEONE QUOTET HIS WHEEE
    (19:35:36) Zyflair: AGL
    (19:35:37) AuraGuardianLucario: *Quote this
    (19:35:37) Zyflair: Eevee
    (19:35:42) AuraGuardianLucario: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    (19:35:49) AuraGuardianLucario: Yes
    (19:35:55) AuraGuardianLucario: i liek eevee

    (19:47:42) Zyflair: COWARD
    (19:47:46) Zyflair: COME BACK HERE
    (19:47:56) Zyflair: A REAL TRAINER STICKS IT TO THE END
    (19:48:09) AuraGuardianLucario: And a newb forfeits :p
    (19:48:10) Flying Panther: don get so heated up, hon
    (19:48:13) Flying Panther: ;]
    (19:48:21) Red left the channel.
    (19:48:22) Zyflair: I'll rage all I want, dear
    (19:48:24) Flying Panther: scrubs
    (19:48:29) Flying Panther: do it OFTEN
    (19:48:35) AuraGuardianLucario: Who are you on Pokebeach, Panther?
    (19:48:37) Flying Panther: Zyflair
    (19:48:47) Flying Panther: I DISAPPOINT
    (19:48:49) AuraGuardianLucario: wait what
    (19:48:51) Flying Panther: :[
    (19:48:56) Zyflair: I like how you just called MrGatr a scrub
    (19:49:11) Flying Panther: lol

    (17:41:49) Mewtwo: Furball The Eevee has attacked Luckieon with Dizzy Punch!
    (17:41:50) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked FTE with Dizzy Punch!
    (17:41:53) Furball The Eevee: o_o
    (17:41:55) Luckieon: LOOOOOOOOOL
    (17:41:57) Luckieon: O_O
    (17:41:58) Luckieon: wait
    (17:42:03) Luckieon: wut
    (17:42:07) Furball The Eevee: That is like
    (17:42:14) Luckieon: 1 in 250000
    (17:42:18) Luckieon: :O
    (17:42:22) Furball The Eevee: 1/12000 and something probabailty
    (17:42:26) Furball The Eevee: O_O

    (20:05:56) ***Luckieon hopes for Perish Song
    (20:06:01) Furball The Eevee: nooooo
    (20:06:02) Mewtwo: Furball The Eevee has attacked Lucky with Ice Shard!
    (20:06:04) Mewtwo: Furball The Eevee has attacked Lucky with Charm!
    (20:06:05) Mewtwo: Furball The Eevee has attacked Lucky with Follow Me!
    (20:06:05) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Reshi with Twister!
    (20:06:08) Furball The Eevee: HELL YES
    (20:06:16) Furball The Eevee: Charm ;d
    (20:06:19) Furball The Eevee: *:D
    (20:06:26) Luckieon: don't make me follow you to a chasm
    (20:06:30) Mewtwo: Furball The Eevee has attacked Lucky with Nightmare!
    (20:06:33) Furball The Eevee: nooooo
    (20:06:38) Luckieon: AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH
    (20:06:47) Furball The Eevee: loooooooooooooool
    (20:06:55) Furball The Eevee: inb4 tears hair out
    (20:07:25) ***Luckieon has a nightmare of Reshi using Sweet Kiss on a bear
    (20:07:33) Furball The Eevee: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    (20:07:39) Mewtwo: Furball The Eevee has attacked Lucky with Perish Song!
    (20:07:42) Luckieon: O_O
    (20:07:44) Furball The Eevee: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    (20:07:45) Luckieon: I called it
    (20:07:57) Furball The Eevee: In my bio ;)

    (15:25:34) Reshiram: sets mode +a on Luckieon!
    (15:25:43) Luckieon: :D
    (15:27:01) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball with Reversal!
    (15:27:04) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball with Roar of Time!
    (15:27:05) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball with Doom Desire!
    (15:27:06) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball with Thunderbolt!
    (15:27:07) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball with Return!
    (15:28:49) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball The Eevee with Feint!
    (15:28:51) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball The Eevee with Rock Climb!
    (15:28:52) Mewtwo: Luckieon has attacked Furball The Eevee with Endeavor!
    (15:30:02) Luckieon: FTE?
    (15:31:04) Luckieon: hello?
    (15:32:22) Luckiphone:*beep*
    (15:32:24) Luckiphone:*beepbeep*'
    (15:32:32) Luckiphone:*ringringringring*
    (15:32:44) ***Luckiphone rings
    (15:32:55) Luckiphone:*ringing*
    (15:33:03) ***Luckiphone hangs up
    (15:33:15) Luckiphone:*BLAREBLARE
    (15:33:24) Luckiphone:-_-
    (15:34:38) ***Luckiphone has rung for Furball The Eevee. Someone please respond.
    (15:35:04) ***Luckiphone rings
    (15:35:30) Luckiphone:*BLARE* RING *BLARE* RINGGGGG *blares*
    (15:39:20) Luckiphone:;[
    (15:39:28) Luckiphone:wait
    (15:39:30) Luckiphone:wut
    (15:39:36) Luckiphone:WHY did I ever do that
    (15:39:46) Luckiphone:he'll just save the log
    (15:39:47) Luckiphone:lol
    (15:39:51) Luckiphone:NOOOOOOOOOOO

    ;) (I never gave you my number. Stop stalking me, Lucky.)

    : Is anyone in need of a TriFlawless or PentFlawless Charmander, with Egg Moves?
    : Pokebeach is filled with idiots
    : Stop this i say
    : Kick him pls someone
    : Reshiwott u keep ur foolish charmander with u!!!!!!
    : no
    : I support u Reshiwott
    : my pokemon are better than yours tyuddd
    : kick out TypeYourUsernameddd
    : wt nonsense
    : I'm not a mod
    : lallus
    : lallus
    : lallus
    : lallus
    : lallus
    : lallus
    : lallus
    : lallus
    : wt does that mean??
    Reshiwott>: I run avalugg on a trick room team, how about you, TypeYourUsernameddd
    : I am the owner of POKEBEACH!!!
    : No you're not.
    : Yes ur not!!!!!!
    : totally quoting this
    : Beleive me or not I am
    : what is your forum name
    : ddd
    : And better not mess with me reshiwott and PBUser12345 or else i will termiate both of u
    : you cant even spell terminate
    : nice on reshiwott
    : nice on reshiwott
    : ty
    : nice one reshiwott
    : reshiwott u have 30 seconds to apologize
    : after that 30 seconds u will never be able to acess pokebeach
    : nope
    : you can't spell access either
    : idiot
    PBUser12345>: Awesome reshiwott
    : u fools get lost
    : nope
    : talking to yourself is mad
    : Hey reshiwott which country r u from
    : uk
    : lets ignore TypeYourUsernameddd
    : k
    : lol
    : wt is that??
    : u
    : hahahahah
    : hahahahaha
    : hahahahaha
    : TypeYourUsernameddd, Get a life
    : Just shut up idiot
    : same to u Reshiwott
    : and PBUser12345
    : TypeYourUsernameddd wt i ur problem??
    : TypeYourUsernameddd wt is ur problem??
    : LOL

    (This was just amazing)

    : You know, I've never seen any of my chat in someone's quotes
    Reshiwott quotes


    Some day, the cold rain
    Will become warm tears
    And fall down, It’s alright
    It’s just a passing downpour.
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