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  • Hey Froggy! I think you may be interested in the Forum Game The Challenge, which is currently being hosted by Celever and myself. We're still looking for sign ups to start the game, so you playing would be awesome! Link
    You still on? Sorry, I had something important come up. I apologize, but I'm here now if you're still available.
    froggy025, To tcgone? I guess we can do it Friday. We'd have more time then anyways.
    froggy025, If that's 44 hours from the time I made that post, then yeah. That'll work.
    froggy025, I can't math at all right now. How does 44-52 hours from now sound?
    froggy025, Ok! In the meantime, you can challenge Jeremy1026 since PoisonxPoptart doesn't seem to be that active anymore.
    froggy025, Mora & Pride still need to battle, so I'm giving them some time. You can PM your opponent PoisonxPoptart, if he doesn't respond within a week, I will advance you. ;)
    Wow, looking at your profile you look like a total pro when it comes to Pokemon tournaments. Nice job! =]
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