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  • I'll have to go ask the other guy if he wants to pay extra. He's a guy who goes to my league so I'll have to see.
    Are you still making the Virbank playmats? I may have found a potential buyer.
    CarlosDuranJr, I didn't see him carrying any mat on him. He was probably going to bring it next week or something.
    But nah, the sentimental value is too great. Much like my 2011 Beach.
    So one of my friends at Majestix today had this conversation:

    him: ...How?
    me: How what?
    him: How did you get that playmat?
    me: I'm friends with the guy who made it.
    him: W-Where can I get it?
    me: He goes to the Montclair league; you can get it for $25.
    him: ...I'll trade you a Worlds mat for it...!
    me: haha, no

    apparently the Top Cut made you famous
    CarlosDuranJr, ikr? I had to take my brother and I to the orthodontist today, and we got there a whole hour early. It was insane. >_<
    At least it was a dry heat.
    CarlosDuranJr, her log-in time is somewhat sporadic, but yeah, she's still around. She and I talk sometimes.
    CarlosDuranJr, I am definitely considering it! I'll probably have good ol' Rod in the picture as well, just to prove it's me!
    But I really need to give thought to my new tourney deck. It's weird; I thought yesterday was the 28th of August. Stupid dreams.
    CarlosDuranJr, the league is when on Sundays? I could try to make it there if you know you'll have the mats and stuff!
    CarlosDuranJr, yeah, but then I wouldn't be able to pay you. I do not really have ways to pay people outside of in person.
    My Sundays are open, actually, any time at 12 or later (though I'm in HB until 11.30). I heard Monstore moved, but they're still in the same lot, just a few doors down, right?
    CarlosDuranJr, the class isn't long, iirc it's only 12.30pm to 2pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. I can meet after then. Assume it takes me 40 minutes to get to the Monstore (because that's how long it took last time).
    CarlosDuranJr, they do if it's the first week of classes

    and this is the class that's having me go to a Saturday morning orientation (yes, tomorrow)

    odds are attendance in this class is going to be pretty damn important
    CarlosDuranJr, gotcha, I'll keep that in mind! though, I do have class on Mondays and Wednesdays starting next week, so maybe another day works better.
    I received the playmat today! It looks even more awesome IRL than it did in the photos. Thanks so much!
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