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Aug 23, 2019
Jun 28, 2008
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Feb 22, 1994 (Age: 25)
Milwaukee, WI
Student - Music Educaton + Flute Performance

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;, Male, 25, from Milwaukee, WI

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Aug 23, 2019
    1. PG24
      W E W

      L A D
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        Are you high lol
        May 1, 2016
    2. bbninjas
      7.8/10 Too much birthday.

      (Happy Birthday OA!)
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        Thanks man :)
        Feb 23, 2016
    3. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        Thank you! :)
        Feb 22, 2016
    4. thegrovylekid
      Happy Birthday!
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        thanks man!
        Feb 22, 2016
    5. scattered mind
      scattered mind
      Happy Birthday :]
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        Thank you! :)
        Feb 22, 2016
    6. PG24
      RIP PANTHERS : (
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      2. PG24
        agreed, Cam had nowhere to throw and they did a great job closing all running lanes. i just feel bad because Luke and the entire defense played their hearts out just for the offense to come out and get pooped on.

        good news is that free agents will want to come here now and nobody wants to leave a superb owl contender. pieces are there, just need to upgrade a bit.
        Feb 7, 2016
      3. One Approved
        One Approved
        Defense made a lot of stops. 17 pts and 194 yards for the Broncos on offense. However, they also only got 1 turnover to denver's 4
        Feb 7, 2016
      4. PG24
        >have best season in the league
        >mvp and coy
        >make superb owl
        >lose due to inexperience
        >retain all important pieces for next year
        >vegas lists the panthers at 10-1 odds to win superb owl 51 behind four other teams

        Feb 8, 2016
    7. PG24
      are the panthers pretty much guranteed a free ride to the super bowl or at least conference championship? outside of the cards, who can really challenge them in the nfc?

      for that matter, can any team in the afc challenge them?
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        Confrence I think is free. The Cardinals will be hard, but it's doable. Superbowl is easily within reach.

        from the AFC, I think both the Patriots (assuming healthy) and the Bengals could be problematic. Broncos are good but I don't think they're THAT good.

        Sadly I don't think the packers have it in them to get by the Cards, let alone Carolina.
        Dec 9, 2015
    8. PG24
      panthers are a legit contender (inb4 soft schedule to start)

      cam newton is a fringe mvp candidate

      prove me wrong
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        I can't. We're 5-0, beat the Seahawks, and play against the Saints and Bucs twice. Can't tell me we ain't at least getting to the playoffs with those points
        Oct 22, 2015
    9. King Arceus
    10. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      [QUOTE]~Somebody had a Clefairy on their team in VGC finals but I never got to see what it did[/QUOTE]

      Clefairy uses Follow Me to make attacks target it instead of its partner. Its ability is Friend Guard making its partner take less damage from attacks. You can use that to basically get a free Power-Up Punch for Mega Kangaskhan provided the opponent doesn't have a steel Pokemon in play.
    11. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      I hope to see you at the end of the month. I'm playing this time though because TCG and VGC are on the same day and I've been going for my invite this year.
      1. One Approved
        One Approved
        Invite for TCG or for VGC?

        I was going to try for TCG but I'm only at 90 so I'm just playing for lulz now :P
        May 11, 2015
      2. King Arceus
        May 12, 2015
    12. Drohn
      well after this semester I'm hopefully done with university. I just need to pass everything. What have you been up to?
    13. Drohn
      I'm doing good! A bit busy with my last semester of university, sadly. :( How are you?
    14. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      If you're going to MN states, I'll be judging.
    15. Lenny
      [b]One Approved[/b], Christ how is that even legal?!
    16. Lenny
      [b]One Approved[/b], pretty good. Living that day to day university engineering struggle but it is what it is. Spring break though wooooooo

      How about you? What are you up to these days?
    17. Lenny
    18. Keeper of Night
    19. Claire6969696969
    20. MtheW
      Happy birthday man.. just one year apart haha!
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    Feb 22, 1994 (Age: 25)
    Milwaukee, WI
    Student - Music Educaton + Flute Performance
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    1st Place League Cup 2017 - Masters
    2nd Place League Cup 2017 - Masters
    1st Place League Cup 2016 - Masters
    Top 32 Regionals 2016 - Masters
    2x Top 8 Cities 2015 - Masters
    2nd Place Cities 2015 - Masters
    Top 16 states 2014 - Masters
    Top 4 States 2010 - Seniors
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • TCG Player
    • VG Player
    • Competitive TCG Player
    • Competitive VG Player
    • League Player
    Generation Started:
    Music Education and Flute Performance major in Milwaukee, WI

    Sheik main Melee
    Pikachu main/Toon Link secondary Brawl

    Marth is the best character in Melee

    <dialga> how do u put internet on a ds?
    <@scampy> you download it onto a floppy disc and insert it into the ds system
    <dialga> i already tried that

    <Godzilla> PMJ stands for
    <Godzilla> READ
    <Godzilla> MY
    <Godzilla> FIC

    [17:14:55] <Kevin_Garrett> terrorists are like really bad forum users that think they are really good
    [17:15:02] <Kevin_Garrett> like they comment on everything
    [17:15:05] <Kevin_Garrett> and everything they say is right
    [17:15:08] <Kevin_Garrett> if you disagree
    [17:15:09] <Kevin_Garrett> UDIE
    [17:15:14] <HolyStar> and they die, too

    <forty_two_chocolate> bacon
    <forty_two_chocolate> has the same # of letters as scampy
    <forty_two_chocolate> except
    <Pride> ???
    <forty_two_chocolate> scampy has another letter

    [14:58:44] <@PMJ> so any of you homos have a ps3
    [14:58:52] <+Lenny> meeee

    [21:34:58] <Sasarai> lays are good
    [21:35:03] <Sasarai> they only cost a buck sixty during christmas here

    <LouCypher> Here's a random Pokegymmer: "I is smarter den u are so wat i say iz da gospel true"
    <zero> lol
    <Porygon> here's a random pokebeacher: HURRRRRRRR *slams fists on keyboard* *makes a game corner thread*

    <pdc> ohkos blissey at +2 in sun
    <pdc> or does at least 60%

    On 4/17/15, at 7:42 PM, Alex - Ice Espeon wrote:
    > There once was a guy named Blah,
    > Who went to search wide and far,
    > For a poem research paper,
    > For an irate teacher,
    > And then he just said :[

    "There are no good players. We are all just varying degrees of bad."
    ~Frank Borden, Circa 2013




    [19:10] +gr8astard: its a roll man
    [19:10] +gr8astard: the bigger sand chunks
    [19:10] +gr8astard: hit you

    ★Ghost of Tupac: gg
    ★Ghost of Tupac: thats gg backwards
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