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  • No problem! Sorry I took off after R1; it was already 2pm and league started at 3. But I did have a good time!

    ...I came out to Montclair just for you; I hope you realize that
    Is it necessary I come out to Montclair to hang out with you, or will you be fine?
    (I won't be staying there for very long anyway - 2 hours at the most)
    CarlosDuranJr, afafasdfasd

    she got 5th in the end and she was pleased about it, so no big harm done
    On the plus side, Lynette was at top table at the end of the day! 15 people were watching that game, and there was applause at the end when she won. It was intense.
    Lynn seemed very upset when I beat her klinklang.. Probably because she dead drew all game and saw that I was ultraballing and computer searched away my N's.
    CarlosDuranJr, geheheheheheh
    don't worry I'll be there today. p.sure I'm slated to judge. I could probably sneak a game in either before it starts or during lunch break.
    ...wait there probably won't be a lunch break ASDF
    CarlosDuranJr, cool. I might go to Montclair that weekend. Torrance is just so far away from me, even though the event is run by Kim Cary (who is awesome). Montclair, fortunately, isn't that far for me.
    CarlosDuranJr, I don't know. Probably not, since my local card shop has small tourneys on Sundays. And Torrance is so far awaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    I'll be going, for sure, to Fullerton (June 1st) and Huntington Beach (June 15th). I might be willing to go to Montclair (June 8th) as well, but only if you plan to show up.
    CarlosDuranJr, Battle Roads? That should work. I will have to see which ones I am judging, though. I will let you know.
    CarlosDuranJr, sweet. When and where should we meet? I've got League every Saturday afternoon in Huntington Beach, but if you have a better idea I'm all ears.
    CarlosDuranJr, do tell.
    also that's not surprising; I'm on a super bad luck streak and have been for weeks
    CarlosDuranJr, I need a Sigilyph for my deck for BRs. It's ironically the only card I'm missing, and I traded it away to someone else, which I am remorseful about.

    But the guy I traded it to is a friend of mine who had all his cards stolen, so I don't mind.
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