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  • Wait, did he die? I can't find any recent activity, and the profile message looks awfully cryptic
    Brave Vesperia
    Brave Vesperia
    No, he left PB forever ago. He's very much so still alive.
    How is he unignorable? Was his account deleted or something?
    I have Skill Drain out. He does some weird tuning and syncs into Black Rose Dragon. He claims his effect goes off because...destroying all monsters is a cost? And the effect resolves in Grave? I think that BRD has no cost and the effect would activate and resolve on the Field, thus, Skill Drain would leave BRD useless. Who's right? Please explain. I let it go because it was a friendly game but I swear I think I'm right.
    DNA, you're right. Especially with the Hustle and Bustle of lockers. And, just before you leave Pokebeach, can you tell me? Oh yes, Eliana wanted me to give you her email, so I just want to let you know before I Private Mail you.
    DNA, actually, Year 7 is the start. Our school is from Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 2, and all the way to Year 12. High School is amazing! I still get to see my old teachers - all of them!

    And now I have new subjects, and judging by the first day, it's going to be tremendously easy!
    DNA' pid='2591079' dateline='1391128112 said:
    Apparently in the Anniversary Edition, after clearing Vaati's Palace, a new area is unlocked called the Realm of Memories. It appears to also have Silver, Gold, and Hero paths, and each one is unlocked when you defeat the respective Vaati's Palace path.

    What does it look like?
    Well, it looks exactly like A Link to the Past.

    How do I know this?
    I just played through Vaati's Palace and unlocked it.


    ...gonna go set my system down now while I go do something productive.

    Party like it's 2011? XP
    DNA, It was a nice gesture... sorry you had to catch the birthday of the only person who doesn't make a big deal about birthdays. You beat some... quite impressive odds.
    First I learn you have a roof over your head. Now I learn you have a brother. So many revelations recently...
    Also, my hype was for nothing. Apparently, Four Swords is NA only. If they don't release it in EU in the next days, excuse me for hating you for a while:p.
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