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  • Okay man I feel like I don't have some setting checked or something because my badges aren't showing under my avatar in the forums. Can you help me with this? I know I received some for checking off my involvement in Pokemon.
    Ooh thanks for letting me know their usernames! I have a feeling Zack has a higher chance of ever being on, huh? xD
    Hey you! C: This is Kristen, your buddy from TCG tournies forever ago haha! I finally decided to get a Pokebeach account what with the update and all.
    I hope we can chat more here!
    The past gen threads were all sub-forums before, but having so many sub-forums looks really odd, especially since past games didn't get many new posts. So now we combined them while still making them easy to find. For the wi-fi section all past games are simple archived, since older games no longer have wi-fi. Newer generations will also be sortable by prefix.
    *Says hi to CB*
    We lost our ex-staff badges! :p
    King Arceus
    King Arceus
    I'm guessing probably there are more in the works. I'm just glad the site is back up. Also the chat is up too if you want.
    Hey! All old generation VG threads are back now and you can filter them in the VG forums using the prefixes! :D Now you know what we were doing with them.. :p

    I have to say working for the MyBB group is a much better job than what I've had previously. It actually uses my web knowledge and is how the performance was greatly increased in the last updates. I've written a search plugin that makes searches even faster than they were before searches had got screwed up here.

    I've also done a fair amount of custom plugins for people getting paid since they were private.

    I got my code for the demo when I had gone to a VGC Premier Challenge. The store owner happened to have a couple spare codes. I haven't played it that much yet because I've been so busy. :)

    Javascript is a nice place to start if you already have a basic understanding of HTML. It lets you interact with it and you'll learn how to do different things based on screen size or browser.

    Currently I'm rated #1 in the world for VGC 2015 in terms of Championship Points. I've been practicing a lot since my trip to DC and its been paying off.
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