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  • Thanks again for all the advice. My PR is in a week.
    I got second in Battle Roads yesterday with Stage Ones & Payback. I added Roserade and Bouffalant to keep up the Rogue spirit. : )
    Since Team Rogue has gone and all, I haven't really seen you recently. :/
    I guess it's that time again to ask you what you would run at a NV prerelease.
    Mine is next week, and since you helped me a lot last time, it woul be much appreciated! :)
    You're a father? I never knew. Congrats, although it's probably slightly late. xD
    I'm sure you're a great dad. ;D
    carlitosbob, I looked at Dugtrio but I think Gliscor is better... It's first attack can paralyse as well as do 30 and at least the second poisons.
    carlitosbob, cool thanks! I'll be buying the rest of the cards I need today and possibly trading for some on Thursday.
    My prerelease went very well thanks to you! I managed to trade for a Gothitelle and a Catcher at the end, and I managed to get a 2-2-2 Scolipede plus the 2-2 Simipour into the deck. I went 2-1 and my only loss was against a Virizion that kept healing itself and defeating me in the process. Worked like a charm, so great thanks to you!
    In tradition, I've uploaded the video to YouTube (or at least it is uploading right now) and I've credited you in there. I usually get 1000 or so views on each prerelease, so the world can recognise your deck-making talents! :)
    carlitosbob, Thanks! Knew that you'd have some words of wisdom!
    I'll do my best to get those cards. We basically pass cards round, taking one each from a pack and rotating for six packs. This means that you can scoop up the previous person's reverses, rares, trainers etc. Works very nicely! But it'll be hard to let go of some reverses!
    Just wondering, what would you run at your Emerging Powers prerelease? I like to make decent decks in PRs, and I thought your advice is usually best. I usually mash whatever I pull together, but we have a special opening system so that there is some decision involved, so should I keep a lookout for something in particular?
    Last time I ran a 5-2 Cinccino line (since you can in PRs) and went 2-1. Any advice for this time is appreciated. Thanks! ;D
    Looks like we are playing against each other in Legend's tourney! :D I can play at anytime today if you have time or tomorrow from 5:00 MDT or later. LMK when you can play.

    carlitosbob, Well, I didn't say it wouldn't get opened again, but we need confirmation that the forums are ending. It should be in no more than a month...
    @T-King Slowly. But not now, after the updates. Plus, I wanna see PB make it to 10 years old, and it's possible. WPM wouldn't leave us just like that.
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