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  • CarlosDuranJr, hey, just so long as I can donk the Mewtwo (yes, my deck can actually do that), I'll be happy.
    If you're organizing a carpool, though...? I'll see if I can get in touch with the guy I'm planning to go with, and see if he agrees. There's strength and safety in numbers, so to speak.

    Arizona (10th) = hopefully
    California (17th) = definitely
    Nevada (24th) = still deciding
    CarlosDuranJr, I should do that tomorrow lol. Maybe it could work if people were willing to do it with me.
    CarlosDuranJr, Oh, well I don't know someone who sells cases in retail D: Thanks though, now I know what to do if I do find rhem.
    CarlosDuranJr, well, there's a possibility I'll trade it, but the thing is I'm not looking for anything right now, except for maybe some old stuff like Claydol ex. That's why I said I'd sell it.
    CarlosDuranJr, I'll be at Fountain Valley on the 30th, so talk to me then. I should still have it. I'll sell it for $15.
    CarlosDuranJr, just 1. And as I expected, it was N - the one full-art I didn't actually need. Although, I can pawn it off for profit.

    I barely saw any Kyurem at my Cities. Instead there was Tornadus EVERYWHERE.
    So I noticed.

    I was actually head judging that day (much to my surprise). I didn't object to it since, hey, my pay is double (18 packs instead of 9). That, and being boss for a day is most amazing.
    CarlosDuranJr, heh, it's cool. I don't really expect people to have those things; I just ask everyone who wants trades from me and hope to get lucky.

    I've got 1 Kyurem right now; I think I need another one to go with it to help out the cannon turtle. (Lets me kill Zekrom with reduced difficulty after a single Glaciate.)
    CarlosDuranJr, that depends if I have spares, and I most likely don't. Additionally, the only things I'm looking for right now are a Kyurem and a Staff Blastoise UL promo.

    but if I do trade it has to be during lunchbreak. When I'm on the clock, I am on the clock.
    CarlosDuranJr, I see. I'm going to be there pretty early (as I'm staffing that day), so if you do end up going I'll be looking around for you.
    carlitosbob, RESHIRAM
    ...well, maybe. It's the only Fire type I remember that can function with just a DCE.
    carlitosbob, Potion is broken in Cubone. if you can find some room, then go for it.
    carlitosbob, Orange County. I won't be going to any Cities in LA County unfortunately.
    The Fountain Valley one though, I probably will. Maybe.
    carlitosbob, oh right, that guy! Nah, I've got a pretty boring haircut, as they go.
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