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  • CarlosDuranJr, who indeed? But since you haven't laid claim to either, I call dibs on Gary.

    also I seeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I knew you got married at some point but that's all I knew.
    ...yeah...Dark decks aren't really all that intimidating to me.
    Also, how should I know who Gary and Ash are?

    ...also, you're originally from Iowa?
    That wasn't decisive enough for you?

    You aren't going to get any "decisive enough" victory from me if that's what you're aiming for!
    tru dat
    I was playing a Zekeels deck once at League and as soon as he drops the Raikou, I Catcher it for a Land Crush :D

    unfortunately I wasn't able to win after that, despite having taken 5 prizes
    freaking Rotom can't attack for Weakness
    CarlosDuranJr, yeah, I know. I was thinking Reuni so I could control Raging Hammer's damage output, but now that I think about it, Hydreigon is going to be much better than Reuni due to energy movement.

    Although, Raikou could die out completely. I haven't seen much of it. Then again, that's because of Catcher. Tornadus EX laughs at gummy bear too.
    CarlosDuranJr, I was thinking Gigas Darkrai Reuni Max Potion, but your idea is much better!
    Suddenly I got an idea for a great new build!

    But I'm going to wait until after rotation to try it out.
    Nah I already actually ordered Japanese full art since I didn't like how the english print was all embossed over it and that's sort of overtrading since darkrai and raikou together are worth 80$ whereas a full art darkrai is only 60$. you're welcome to bid on it and see if can win my raikous for cheap. I have three of them on eBay right now.
    What's wrong with the full art Darkrai? Do you not like the full art version? Or is it a flaw on the card's condition?
    You're replacing Imakuni? in The Challenge III; you'll be on the Suns of Pokebeach team. Good luck!
    It's called "profile-hopping", and I do it on a regular basis. You're not the first person to ask me that and you certainly won't be the last.
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