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  • I'd talk to the store owner, since s/he is the person who will end up carrying more weight - you're running a league in that person's store with his/her permission, after all.
    You can talk to the league owner as well if you want, but I think the store owner would take precedence.
    Yeah it seems super cheap to allow attacks on the first first turn. Rayquaza donk against fluffchomp i guess haha
    On my topic I meant as in I couldn't believe you can attack first first turn, that's why I thought SS misinterpreted my question. I always thought the person going second could attack but not the first first, seems so cheap and can donk so easily sometimes. I've been out of the loop for a while, I evidently missed the Uxiedonk phase haha. Thanks for the help!
    CarlosDuranJr' pid='2307019' dateline='1345323007 said:
    I would have asked how much to buy them directly from them. And why they cost more than msrp ;-)

    You can buy boxes directly from Nintendo/Pokemon TCPi? Where?
    I read your thread in the deck garage.
    My friend knows really well how to use accelgor.
    He has a 4-4 line of accelgor and on t2 he deck and covers
    and put up the trainer lock gothitelle. When it's his turn, he
    uses switch and puts up accelgor and uses it again.
    He runs 4 ultra ball 4 level ball 4 poke ball 4 great ball 4 pokemon communication
    CarlosDuranJr, I'll tell Guy you're inactive, and then forward you all the PM's we get. That way you don't need to do massive forwarding from your phone.
    I don't even remember what I post there anymore.
    The last thing I posted was about that guy who spoiled exam questions.
    1) I'm not on Facebook
    2) Why on earth would I want to pay attention to Swiss standings?
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