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  • Love the pic, and it's cool to know someone associates me with The Fett, heheh. And yeah man, definitely keep me posted on your stuff! It's always nice talking to you.
    I'm great thank you. I haven't spoken to you in quite a long time. What's new? Do you have X and Y?
    Good to hear from you man! And yeah, my classes are going just fine. It's always good to hear you're still working in music, I always love hearing your stuff. You wouldn't mind me sharing this around on tumblr and junk, would you?
    Oh, just getting general education under my belt and taking some advanced English and introductory journalism classes.
    Glad to hear you're still working on music and junk! I'm working my way through my sophomore year of college, just started back last week.
    I think I listened to that a while back on tasty network, very nice stuff

    And how have you been doing man? Always glad to see you pop in and say hi.
    Well, it seems you're going to hop on chat along with like 300 other people lol. But I'd love to see you there sometime!
    Mine was great as well, although I didn't get anything too high-brow: just some games, gift cards, clothes, and gaming equipment, but it was one of the best Christmases I've had in a good while. Thanks for checking in on us, everyone still misses you lol.
    Vortex, In terms of Pokebeach you've probably missed a lot. I think the single most important thing you've missed is everyone missing you! D: The new format is Black and White - Dragons Exaclted and that takes place on September 1st which is also the first day of autumn BRs.

    I'm pretty good, just trying to enjoy my last week of freedom from school. The hours are counting down! ;_; And how have you been?
    I think that if they do release another album, my brain will explode.

    As for me, I just started University today, so that's something new. Other than that I've been working, gaming, and chatting with friends as my three main hobbies. :p And that's great to hear about your music, you gotta show me sometime. Either way, it's good to hear from you again man, a lot of my old PB friends seem to be disappearing nowadays. Hit me up if you'd ever like to chat on Skype/IRC sometime.



    Long time no see my man! How's life?
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