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  • P0KEVORTEX, his image rotator stopped working. The contest is still going on. ;D

    Spread the Fail Whale! (BrOken's orders!)
    From what I remember, I flamed a person my first week because I got into an argument with him and was stubborn (guy said he top cutted with a X-2 record and I called him out on it saying he was lying) That got me +4 and I already had some minor warnings for grammer I think or breaking yppy or whatever so it put me over/at 100%

    Also I was I guess accidentally banned due to someone lying about a trade, long story short..they backed out 3 times, lied and said it was my fault, and then altered/didn't send all of the pms so it Looked like my fault. SR banned me but I was able to talk to him through FB and he eventually sorted it out. Shakesphere had to get on my profile (I gave him my login info) to PROVE she backed out and that MY pm's weren't being altered (that I wasn't changing them). She got banned for like 3-4 weeks and I left a neg rep lol

    Yeah I noticed that about Chello too lol. I guess it only shows the first X amount then. oy veh. lol. In his bio he wants to be a pokebeach mod and trade council member lol. XD Granted I was banned several times but never unbanned and banned again Same day lol
    Did you think you were on someone else's profile or something because I'm not in your friends list..unless you still havn't added me lol
    Liking the new feature. Thanks to anyone that's stopped by!
    Whoever put 'there is no comments to show' really needs to revise their grammar.
    Feel free to post general stuff that doesn't fit in a PM or on a thread.
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