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  • P0KEVORTEX, Let me ask you this, if we're hiring mods and adding stuff, does it look like a closing? :p I can't say anything more than that.
    P0KEVORTEX, CMP made the original I think, I just made some changes to it. (Rainbow, pop tart, and cat color)
    Banned because if game corner posts counted, I would be way ahed of ya. Can any mod verify this?
    P0KEVORTEX, Been like that as long as I can remember. It's just never been a problem before. We don't get a lot of six year olds here anyway. It could change, but I'm not sure how likely that will be.
    P0KEVORTEX, I finally bought the rest of TRON: Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D, and I must say, it's awesome. Not Daft Punk, but still awesome. Oh and take a look at what I posted in the "It's awkward when..." game. :D
    P0KEVORTEX, I got a male Tepig when I chose a girl. (I only said this because you told SnivyLover that the gender of yourself is the gender of your pokemon.)
    You know you can post in my RPG now. (Not trying to be pushy or sound needy. I tend to do that.)
    I'm not on your buddy list... :/

    by the way

    "P0KEVORTEX is currently away."
    "Status: Online (Viewing Profile of arcanine227 @ 03:06 PM)"

    Yep. But when I got SS, Pearl, Platinum, and Emerald it went like this:
    My first try. I got a female Totidile. When I restarted I got a female Cyniquail on my first try.
    In Pearl it was a female Chimichar and when I restarted a female Piplup.
    And Platinum was a female Turtwig on the first try.
    And Emerald was a female Torchic, then a female Treeko, and finally a female Mudkip, first try for all
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