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  • i tried to plot a graph with an axis for x, an axis for y, and an axis for elk
    Elk-Dimension, I think they forgot to give them to me, but I'm too lazy and don't really care enough to bother.
    Spending lots of time around the evil warlord of the TCG, I've begun to notice similarities with another mythical being that I have been interested in: Blue Jeans. There are several things about the two of them that coincide, which I will try my best to point out.

    Similarities in persona:

    They both seem to like to stalk people in the shadows; in dreams or otherwise.
    Darkrai plunges people into never-ending nightmares, similar to the Blue Jeans, who terrorizes his victims by smothering itself all over midwesterners.
    Darkrai, like the jeans, seem to have a soft-spot for children. Almost all children I've met wear these jeans.

    Differences in persona:

    Darkrai seems to mean no harm, whereas the Blue Jeans are trying to prey on their hosts. Both are, however, total creeper status.

    Similarities in shape:


    Clearest image I could find. If someone has a better one, let me know.


    Darkrai using his legs.

    As you can see, the jeans (Above) are quite similar to Darkrai (Below).

    They both have needle-thin legs.
    They both have flowing "Tentacles" (See Darkrai's tail and shoulders; also the jeans's belt loops. (tentacles).

    What do you think? Am I the only one drawing these similarities? Was Darkrai actually based off (somewhat) the jeans?
    You can come up with a better username than that.




    get it

    like emma + 6D because the e flipped makes a 6
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