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  • P0KEVORTEX, yes, bacon's does sound believable. :D I'm glad you like that little smidge of the bio; I can add a quote from you, if you'd like. :p
    P0KEVORTEX, Its just a list of the Forum Team. You can find it at the bottom right corner of the forums.
    Banned because by "my face" I meant comment on my profile comments page, =P double banned because you people are weird, (for wanting to see my face...) triple banned because my hair is awesome, ;D quadruple banned because maybe you should show YOUR face, (you won't even share your Skype =P) quintuple banned because this isn't the ban game.
    I got a warning for mini-modding too! XD Now I'm watching his every movement and stalking him as punishment! Anyways I was surprised when I saw that WPM viewed my profile too. Me famous? I don't think so. I just consider myself extremely fortunate enough to have had one of the people I have a lot of respect for view my profile! ;D
    No, it is not. It actually stands for shadow_rukario which happens to be my username on a few other websites. It's just bothersome to type out all the time.
    My carelessness has got me to 70% warning now. I need to be more alert. If I get banned, sorry, guys. I hope that I can see PB in its possible final days without being banned, but after breaking YPPY twice accidentally AND Mini-Modding, I am very likely to do another stupid thing and get banned. If that is the case, goodbye for now. Sorry that I let you guys down.
    P0KEVORTEX, see, there you go being nice again. :p
    The whole Forums closing thing is definitely a joke. Don't you think that if the site were really closing, that the administrator would announce it like this? At the top of the page, similar to a tweet? I don't think so. This is all going to turn up as a big prank. That's what I think anyways.
    Oh no. I'm on a 50% warning for breaking YPPY and Mini-Modding.
    I hope I don't get banned. Maybe I should just not post until they've expired...
    Haha, keep at it! You guys will get it eventually...

    ...well, I hope...
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