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Apr 2, 2014
May 22, 2011
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Jan 31, 2001 (Age: 20)
Meh, I'm another American.

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Aspiring Trainer, Female, 20, from Meh, I'm another American.


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Apr 2, 2014
    1. Luckyfire
      People, you might have noticed that I've been getting more and more inactive periodically.

      No, this isn't a joke like all the other notices I've been posting on here that I might leave but it never actually happened.

      I think it's probably going to happen.

      I'll leave PB eventually. Soon, probably. I don't think I have any other contacts than this new dA account I just created called Scoliwings. I'll post something on there.

      So, um, I guess this is goodbye.
    2. Pikachu22
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], how do you not know?!

      Also i must ask do you have a skype
    3. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], I guess we'll end up moving together then, no?
    4. Pikachu22
      i feel like eating a hotdog but i also want pizza which one should i have?
    5. DNA
      Kinda wish the chat would return or something. I miss talking to you.
    6. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], hey, think about it this way - it'll always be a surprise!
    7. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], I know, and I'm still waiting for that moment. In a sense, I also look forward to it.
    8. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], I have a feeling you've told me about this before. Was this that one thing you wanted to start working on as soon as you could get in a good position to start drawing comics?
    9. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], no, it's definitely not your fault. I am just finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things after being on break for roughly a month.
    10. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], depressed with myself because I'm so horribly lazy even though classes have started. I have zero inspiration to do anything productive. ;-;
    11. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], How've you been?
    12. DNA
    13. Sylveon
      how being lucky friend?
    14. TheGuy
    15. SheNinja
    16. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], 110? I certainly hope not! Above 90 most likely, but I wouldn't say 110. Then again, anything above 90 feels the same to me.

      I can tolerate both heat and cold very well, though to be fair it doesn't get that cold around here (40F is around the lowest it goes) - but it's nice when it does.
    17. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], we have the opposite - it's now exceptionally hot due to Santa Ana winds. Still, no offense meant, I'd rather take that than being snowed in.

      You have my deepest sympathy. /hug
    18. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], you're being exceptionally silly today, aren't you?
      On a lighter note, how've you been?
    19. DNA
      [b]Luckyfire[/b], would you like me to explain the joke or do you think you can figure it out on your own? ;P
    20. DNA
      I'm mildly concerned that the first like I get in YLYL of a comic about hiding pr0n is from you.
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    Jan 31, 2001 (Age: 20)
    Meh, I'm another American.
    I love to draw creatures, do anything art-related, write stories, being a critic, being totally random, eating popcorn, drinking water, trolling around on the computer, blah blah blah--
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    Friend Code(s):
    Pokemon Involvement:
    Generation Started:
    Yayay my birthday is coming closer and closer (January 31).


    - joined in 2010 or something
    - old account got deleted
    - joined again in 2011
    - currently a critic for the Writing Cafe and Art & Requests


    LAST (minor) UPDATE: December 1, 2013

    Hey, hey! Welcome to my biography. Dunno what to put here. Anyways, I'm a critic for the WC. Make sure to PM me if your fanfic needs critiquing! 8D

    Anyways, I'll describe myself. I'm a really quirky girl, and I have a Relaxed nature. (I get lousy grades in English because I finish all my homework before class even ends). I can tell you one thing: When you meet me, you'll probably think I'm weird. :F


    My Friends List
    This will only describe a few people that are/or have been close friends with me. Of course, my definition of a 'close' friend doesn't include SheNinja. -_-

    A active(?) artist & author, and also one of the few people to still call me LPG, he is very deeply interested in the Cat Warriors series. Typlo has a truly unique writing style, much like his favorite author, Erin Hunter. He may approach you with medium humor or kindness. Don't be surprised, however, if he does greet you with a mysterious air around him. That is simply his style of friendliness. Don't hesitate to ask him about literacy or the world of arts.

    DNA (He is the king of all worthy ninjas and trolls.)
    He's a very trustworthy person. I always have some fun talking to him via profile comments, or sometimes through chat. DNA considers himself a 'troll god', and will often greet you joyfully, if you're a good friend of his, like yours truly here. Do not underestimate the ninja; do not lie if you tell him you read his entire bio. If you do, he will track you down and steal all your cookies. (no, this isn't a threat)

    Incinermym (Aw, he got banned.)
    A former critic of the Writing Cafe, he is usually pleasant with critiques. He will welcome you to the Writing Cafe (if you follow the rules), because the WC (Writing Cafe) has been suffering a loss of writers for ages.

    evil_elf (I miss her so much.)
    Oh, how I miss her so. She's very kind and caring, but suddenly, evil_elf disappeared for some odd reason. Waaaaaaah. ;_;

    Joeypals!! (Weird girlish guy. :D)
    A great friend, I've found his fanfic(s) to be pretty great, and the style he writes them in. Guys, he's different now! Say hi to him! :D

    Nickwolff2 (Quiet guy.)
    I don't quite know how to describe him. He had only a few posts, and the posts were trying to be contributive. I hope he comes back someday; he could be a great contributor.

    gamefreak33797 (A rare gentleman that really needs some guy friends)
    We met through chatting, and apparently this guy is a Gardevoir, a Fairy-type. Not too sure if I should trust him since my favorite type is Dragon, but I guess he won't challenge me to a battle... for now...

    Pikachu22 (D'aaaaaaw.)
    Almost same story as gamefreak33797. We started RPing around in a channel, and now we're officially friends. This gal is pretty fun to hang around with.

    Fancy (So fancy, indeed!)
    He's a interesting person, that guy. Fancy's pretty fun - no, fancy to hang out, and he has quite a personality to boot. His stories are pretty wild and vivid, to sum it up. Fancy is he, indeed, my good man.

    Reshiwott (He said to me, "I JUST READ YOUR BIO Y I NO IN IT ;-;")
    So I put him here because he requested to. An old friend of mine, we used to battle and troll around with the Attackbot on Pokemon Online. He is currently trying to catch a shiny Riolu with no luck. I wonder if I should just pour a bowl of luck dust over his head. xD


    My chat nicks:
    Luck[insert avvy-based crap here XP]
    Cosmeon (I don't usually use it much.)


    [17:27] <Mituna> hey luffy
    [17:27] <Luf> Good link, Zenith :]
    [17:27] <Luf> ...
    [17:27] <Luf> I'm Lucky Fire
    [17:27] <Mituna> oooh
    [17:28] <Mituna> Hey Luffyire


    (I put this here to troll him)

    [17:30] <LuckyPokeGirl> Hi, PMJ. Everyone, don't post if you see PMJ. :)
    [17:30] <~PMJ> Oh god she's started coming to the chat room.

    (a old quote)

    <peer>: but, why would you slap Liquid Petroleum Gas?
    <Flame>: ?
    <DNA>: liquid
    <DNA>: gas
    <GentlemanGatr>: ahahahahahahahahahahah

    (I hate it when people mistake my old username's abbreviation, LPG, for Liquid Petroleum Gas.)

    <ATLAS>: don't spam
    <Lucksol>: k
    <ATLAS>: or I'll have to shut it down
    <ATLAS>: server ops have the option of !shutdown incase the script is spammed
    <Lucksol>: !shutdown
    <ATLAS>: The bot script is turning off.
    <ATLAS>: Bot script turned off successfully
    <Lucksol>: o.o
    <ATLAS>: Oh crap

    <Incinermyn>: Hi, CPO3
    <TPO3>: def jay
    <Orez>: nah
    <Incinermyn>: *TPO3
    <Orez>: [11:41.48] <Orez> ... oh great... "Can I tell you about our lord Jesus Christ?"
    <TPO3>: well if you're gonna throw the C in
    <Orez>: not Jay's style
    <TPO3>: might as well go all out and just say "C3PO
    <TPO3>: "
    <DNA>: T3PO!
    <DNA>: that's your new name
    <Orez>: lol win
    <Orez>: #T3PO
    <Incinermyn>: There you go.
    <TPO3>: lol
    <Luckieon>: Hey is this the post office
    <DNA>: no
    <DNA>: this is Patrick
    <TPO3>: no this is afjfd ao;isdjf iasd[f8p sad'pjifosd
    <Luckieon>: k

    (That time when Incinermyn accidentally mispelt TPO3's username.)

    <LuckySwirl>: ...i wonder why the chat is completely empty...
    <LuckySwirl>: nobody ever says anything
    <LuckySwirl>: except when it's nightbeach -_-
    <LuckySwirl>: Darn, I can't get anything for my chat quotes in my bio. :[
    <Raikou>: LuckySwirl
    <LuckySwirl>: Yes?
    <Raikou>: There, you can quote it now.
    <LuckySwirl>: Better than nothing
    * LuckySwirl quotes

    <SheNinja>: MY LEGS!!!
    * LuckySwirl screams and throws poke ball at sheninja
    <LuckySwirl>: ...oops
    <LuckySwirl>: i need to stop overreacting
    <SheNinja>: *wiggle, wiggle, stars shoot out*
    <SheNinja>: *emerald catch song plays*
    <The-Kaiser>: *LuckySwirl caught a Sheninja
    <SheNinja>: *you have caught a wild sheninja*
    <LuckySwirl>: Caught a ninja shedija!
    <LuckySwirl>: ...nvm
    <SheNinja>: would you like to nickname it?
    * LuckySwirl nicknames SHENINJA girl
    *** SheNinja is now known as girl
    <girl>: sad times
    <LuckySwirl>: lololololololololol
    <girl>: *LF goes and stuffs girl into a PC box*
    <LuckySwirl>: Kaiser, want to trade a shiny pokemon for girl?
    <The-Kaiser>: sure
    <girl>: im getting trading?
    <The-Kaiser>: i got a shiny Paras in Crystal
    <girl>: traded^
    <LuckySwirl>: *LF goes and trades girl for _____*
    <LuckySwirl>: *paras
    <girl>: sounds a bit like prostitution lol
    <LuckySwirl>: lol you ninja
    <LuckySwirl>: ...
    <girl>: it does though
    <The-Kaiser>: and i moved my Shiny Zigzagoon from Gamestop to my DS Daimond game
    <girl>: since im a girl...
    <girl>: this is humiliating
    <LuckySwirl>: then why not just get out of the pokeball and run away
    <The-Kaiser>: Kaiser releases girl
    <LuckySwirl>: or that
    <girl>: yay
    *** girl is now known as SheNinja
    <LuckySwirl>: =D
    <SheNinja>: FREEDOM!!!
    <The-Kaiser>: Kaiser didnt want a constantly complaining Pokemon
    <LuckySwirl>: lol
    <LuckySwirl>: this = best chat day ever
    <SheNinja>: agreed
    <The-Kaiser>: *as a parting gift heres a cake with epic iceing and rare candys crushed on it

    (SheNinja told me he was a dude, and when he asked me what I wanted to nickname him, I said girl.)

    <ChillBill>: looks like my mispelling disease i have today is contagious
    <Articuno>: lol its actually pretty amusing
    Lucksol slowly backs away from Chill
    <DNA>: There are 2 Ss in misspelling.
    <Lucksol>: LOL
    <DNA>: not 1.
    <ChillBill>: no way...
    ChillBill checks dictionary
    <Lucksol>: misspelt
    <DNA>: ^5
    <ChillBill>: DAMN YOU DNA
    DNA tips fedora and takes a bow.
    <Lucksol>: ^5
    <ChillBill>: lol


    <TPO3>: all these ads make me lol
    <TPO3>: "we got a room in Boston and even caught a game!
    <TPO3>: And what did we do with the money we saved?
    <TPO3>: did we pay off the 10,000 dollars of debt we're in?
    <TPO3>: NO!

    (Those guys are stupid. ;P)

    <zero>: what's wrong with irregardless?
    <DNA>: it's redundant. the word is 'regardless'.
    <Luckxure>: it looks like 'gardevoir'
    <DNA>: No wait, it's not redundant...
    <zero>: you're redundant
    <DNA>: it's a double negative.
    <zero>: you're a double negative
    <DNA>: explains why I'm such an optimist
    <zero>: ...
    Luckxure falls off chair

    (Talking back to the ninja is not advised.)

    <Davichi>: the doctor had a really hot (censored)istant who was my age, and he let her do everything
    <DNA>: [14:02] <Davichi> the doctor had a really hot (censored)istant
    <DNA>: ha
    <DNA>: hahaha
    <DNA>: hahahahahahahahahahaha
    <Davichi>: >.<
    <DNA>: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    <DNA>: yes I know it's not your fault but it's still hilarious
    <Luckieon>: I don't get it ._.
    <Davichi>: and he let her do everything <--- this was worse
    <Luckieon>: ^
    <Davichi>: luckily i didnt go for anything embar(censored)ing


    <Pikachu22>: im doing something
    <DNA>: Pika!
    DNA hugs Pika.
    Gardy hugs DNA.
    DNA ribs Gardy.
    <Gardy>: Sure...
    <DNA>: Well, that was my spontaneity for the day.
    <Gardy>: And if I were to hug you I would get slapped.
    <Drohn>: ok bbl
    <Luckyair>: Aww, I can't hug anybody because I have no arms.
    <Pikachu22>: but...
    <Pikachu22>: we can hug u
    Gardy hugs Luckyair.
    DNA hugs Luckyair.
    Pikachu22 hugs Luckyair

    (it's a hugfest now?)

    <Salamencetrainer34>: Laptop dying
    <Davichi>: Give it CPR


    Sleepceus looks at Gardy
    <Luckyfire>: A sleeping Arceus is looking at you, Gardy
    <Luckyfire>: You should probably run
    *** Sleepceus is now known as Arceus
    *** gamefreak33797 is now known as Gardy\
    <Salamencetrainer34>: H-hey arceus
    *** Gardy\ is now known as Gardy
    <Gardy>: All right.
    Gardy runs
    Arceus chases Gardy using Extreme Speed

    <Gardy>: You thought that we were figments of your imagination?
    <Luckyfire>: no
    <Luckyfire>: ...actually that would be a scary thought
    <Luckyfire>: what if everyone in the world is just a figment of my imagination o.o
    <Gardy>: Then you would know everything.
    <Luckyfire>: what if I know too much
    <Pikachu22>: lol
    <Luckyfire>: hmm
    <Luckyfire>: *imagines somebody slipping on the floor*
    <Gardy>: What a odd occurence.
    <Luckyfire>: Good, it didn't happen- wait what
    <Gardy>: My sister literally just slipped on the floor as you did that.
    <Luckyfire>: ...
    <Luckyfire>: OH GOD

    <Reshiwott>: Luckyfire
    <Reshiwott>: y u idol
    <Reshiwott>: *idle
    Luckyfire strikes a pose.
    <Luckyfire>: Yes I am idol.
    <Pikachu22>: XD
    Luckyfire puts on shades.
    <Luckyfire>: Seems like somebody needs autocorrect, my friend.

    <pkmnFTW>: sup guys
    <HeavenlySpoon>: Good evening.
    <Reshiwott>: hey
    <Luckyfire>: Nothing but the clouds are up, and it's the world apocalypse. Go back to your time.
    <pkmnFTW>: ok
    <Reshiwott>: xP
    <pkmnFTW>: bye
    <Reshiwott>: Zombies are everywhere
    <pkmnFTW>: lol
    <Reshiwott>: in the UK
    <Luckyfire>: and the USA
    <Reshiwott>: no really
    <pkmnFTW>: RUN!!!!
    <Luckyfire>: World War Z?
    <Reshiwott>: They'll get you nehuhsahduisdhsiads
    <Reshiwott>: sojmlppppppppppppe;qqqqqqqqdx
    <pkmnFTW>: wtf
    <Luckyfire>: Zombie, if you're there, look me in the name of Arceus and say that you've just murdered Reshi's life and made him useless once more.
    <Luckyfire>: ...oh wait, that wasn't me. That was a possessing demon over here in the 1875s.
    <pkmnFTW>: uhhhhhh wtf
    <Reshiwott>: uygh
    <Reshiwott>: u hav bwainz?
    <Reshiwott>: me want bwaines
    <pkmnFTW>: is uygh the new mythical pokemon
    <Luckyfire>: No, but I do have a tasty soul for you. *stuffles into Zombie's mouth*
    <Reshiwott>: mmm
    <Reshiwott>: not gerd nurf!
    <Reshiwott>: bwaines!
    <Luckyfire>: Fine, here's a math book for you if you want to learn so bad. *hands over*
    <pkmnFTW>: xdxd
    <Reshiwott>: urg?
    <Luckyfire>: Yes, read it and you will have a brain once more.
    <Reshiwott>: for ploos tree eekwals seevon?
    <HeavenlySpoon>: I'm not sure neurology works like that.
    <HeavenlySpoon>: In fact, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
    <Luckyfire>: Feh, he'll eventually learn.
    <Reshiwott>: ook! ook! me lick mathez!
    <HeavenlySpoon>: I do enjoy a good math licking myself.
    <pkmnFTW>: k?
    <Reshiwott>: arg
    <Reshiwott>: lerk gud maff boork
    <Reshiwott>: me eet marf bork
    <Luckyfire>: Good, very good.
    <Reshiwott>: orble gorble
    <pkmnFTW>: wtf
    <pkmnFTW>: anyone want 2 batte
    <Luckyfire>: shh he's setting a new world record for eating it in two minutes
    <Reshiwott>: baa... tell?
    <Reshiwott>: *barp*
    <Luckyfire>: ...and puking it up in one second
    <Reshiwott>: ooooooooooooerehfed
    Luckyfire backs away from the radioactive vomit.
    <Reshiwott>: Pokerrmoon ftb?
    <pkmnFTW>: huh
    <Reshiwott>: zombee get yuur nneekkkssstt
    <Reshiwott>: LOL
    <Reshiwott>: Trololol
    <Spartansn1p3r>: anyone got an eevee safari?
    <Reshiwott>: bravo lucky
    <Reshiwott>: nope
    <Reshiwott>: I need one too
    Luckyfire highfives Reshi.

    (That. Was. Awesome.)


    My Den of Fantabulous Art | PM me if you need critiques for your story/art. | I was formerly LuckyPokeGirl.
    Credit to DNA for this amazing banner!​
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