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  • People, you might have noticed that I've been getting more and more inactive periodically.

    No, this isn't a joke like all the other notices I've been posting on here that I might leave but it never actually happened.

    I think it's probably going to happen.

    I'll leave PB eventually. Soon, probably. I don't think I have any other contacts than this new dA account I just created called Scoliwings. I'll post something on there.

    So, um, I guess this is goodbye.
    Luckyfire, I know, and I'm still waiting for that moment. In a sense, I also look forward to it.
    Luckyfire, I have a feeling you've told me about this before. Was this that one thing you wanted to start working on as soon as you could get in a good position to start drawing comics?
    Luckyfire, no, it's definitely not your fault. I am just finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things after being on break for roughly a month.
    Luckyfire, depressed with myself because I'm so horribly lazy even though classes have started. I have zero inspiration to do anything productive. ;-;
    Luckyfire, 110? I certainly hope not! Above 90 most likely, but I wouldn't say 110. Then again, anything above 90 feels the same to me.

    I can tolerate both heat and cold very well, though to be fair it doesn't get that cold around here (40F is around the lowest it goes) - but it's nice when it does.
    Luckyfire, we have the opposite - it's now exceptionally hot due to Santa Ana winds. Still, no offense meant, I'd rather take that than being snowed in.

    You have my deepest sympathy. /hug
    Luckyfire, you're being exceptionally silly today, aren't you?
    On a lighter note, how've you been?
    Luckyfire, would you like me to explain the joke or do you think you can figure it out on your own? ;P
    I'm mildly concerned that the first like I get in YLYL of a comic about hiding pr0n is from you.
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