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  • Ivy, Oh that's exciting. I know someone who absolutely loves birds, so I've been hearing a lot about them in recent past and they seem like pleasant pets to have in the house. Still unfortunate you had to lose one. :[

    I've been doing fairly well. Turned 18 recently, starting to think about what I want to do for the future, which will start with me finding a job. In terms of Pokebeach, I don't really post actively anymore, but I check in on a semi-regular basis just to see what's happening and maybe catch up with friends. Although now a lot of my friends are on Skype now so that causes me to be even less active. How has your summer been?
    Guess what? I'm back. For good. With all this discussion of the new games, nothing could be better than coming back here!

    I also have a new obsession;


    Sorry I haven't been on. A few weeks ago my great grandma passed, and the my uncle passed, and then exams are coming up.
    Ivy, ouch. -.-; That doesn't sound like any fun. I bet you can't wait to get away.
    ...I take it you'll probably be heading out soon since you have school in the morning.
    Maryville? In which state? There's a few different Maryvilles.
    ...hah, that feel of living in an apartment. I know it well.
    Ivy, hah, makes sense.
    Wait, you're moving? Where to? Sounds like a really big deal...
    I know, but you only visit about once every 2 weeks...if that! so your profile feels...I dunno, empty?

    I've been great, actually! I got to go to a housewarming party this weekend which went fantastically. I ended up getting home at about 2am on Sunday morning before stealing about 6 hours of sleep. I regret nothing!!

    And you?
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