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  • OMG, so my dad gave me $100 to spend and I spent half of it on Pokemon cards. Well I'm glad I did because in one of the facts, I found a full art Thundurus Card! Squee! ^3^
    Spongebob, Oh I see, as I said before I hope all goes well with that.

    And yikes, that sounds pretty painful. >.< Ahh, sounds like you have enough time considering the fact that you say you've done quite a bit already. Hope the injury doesn't prevent any further progress for too long.
    A finger splint...That makes sense. I guess it is cumbersome, but I suppose it could be worse as well. And 2 weeks can go by really fast as well, so it might be over in no time!
    Spongebob, ooh, yowch. Hope it turns out to be nothing serious. It'll be a bummer if it is =/

    And thanks!
    Spongebob, Haha. <3 That's wonderful news, glad to hear things are going well. Surgery again? Not sure if I was aware of the first time. I think I recall something involving your brother in the past, but either way, I hope all concerning your father goes more than well.

    Injured finger? I could see it as a huge annoyance but hopefully it's nothing at all serious that you'll have to worry about for long. Sounds like you've been keeping pretty busy and having fun. And wow really? That sounds really cool! Seems like kind of a big deal, how much time do you have to prepare for that?

    And me? I've been doing well. I'd describe this current week as "okay". Nothing exciting whatsoever but also nothing negative, something I'm happy about. Can't say I've been up to anything too awesome. Still hanging around Pokebeach, playing Pokemon TCG, chatting with people here, people irl. Also recently got back into playing the Pokemon video games. But yeah, just typical stuff. I've had some ups and downs recently so I'm fine with just being kinda more in the middle. Anything's better than being down really, lol.
    Spongebob, yay~

    An X-Ray? What for? You going to the dentist or something? X-rays aren't that bad, I don't think.

    I have been doing quite well, myself! I'm headed out tomorrow for a weekend trip to Arizona (to be accurate, it's States), and I plan to have tons of fun and meet old friends there, but overall life in general has just been really nice to me.
    Spongebob, WELCOME BACK!

    *big huggles*

    It's not a poke, but it seems more appropriate at this time. Glad to see you're alive. How are you and what have you been up to?
    Spongebob, hi Ivy!! I see you had the sense to change your name to something sensible...and something I always remember you by anyway!

    Long time no see; how are you?
    I was going to come back on here earlier, but then I was sick for a month. And then more things came up in my life.
    I'm baaaaaack! But a little depressed because my dad's having surgery.

    You show up for your birthday then disappear again? Not cool. Srsly, come back.
    You're not going to leave again, are you?

    If so, I'm going to start spamming "COME BACKK" comments on your profile. :p
    *Afro-G pokes Spongebob*

    ...it's your birthday, glad I noticed before I almost missed it! Happy birthday! You get an extra poke because it's a special occasion...

    *Afro-G pokes Spongebob again*

    ... xP Also, where have you been??? I've missed you, I think a lot of us have! D:
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