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  • I prefer using out profiles to talk since it's less confusing for me and I want to save up Private Mail space.
    Mudkip4321, Hello! I missed you too! I also miss DNA... he was my pen pal.... Hey, I need a new one, and can you be my new pen pal?
    Oh man! Haven't talked to you in ages! This is the first time I've been on the Beach in what seems like forever! I really need to get back into the forums, also thanks for wishing me happy birthday like a month ago! XD
    Mudkip4321, Depends what you want it for, but it's best Dragon type move is Draco Meteor (and if you don't like the Sp.A drop Dragon Pulse gives more consistent damage)
    Mudkip4321, I think it crammed itself into a hole for all eternity. Anywho, what up?
    Mudkip4321, the forums I will be leaving, eventually. Probably as soon as my Pearl run is finished and done with. I'll leave a forwarding address though (most likely Skype).

    Nightmare is done, yes. It's been done for a while.
    On the fence about TCG, but honestly, with me quitting Pokemon, I want nothing to do with it and honestly just want to avoid everything altogether.
    Mudkip4321, competitive play I avoid like the plague. I raised countless teams in BW, but no one fought me. The meta only got worse over time.
    Simply put, X/Y have nothing I can enjoy in a game. It's sad, but it's the truth, unfortunately.
    Mudkip4321, probably not.
    Also, X/Y's story is pathetic. It's better to have no plot than a horrible one. Everything was forced.
    Mudkip4321, I quit Pokemon back in September. (Well, announced quitting. Currently phasing out.) Reason? X/Y would turn out to be a horrible lacklustre game.
    After hearing the opinions of people who played it, my suspicions were correct.
    Mudkip4321, that would explain it.
    The new year is off to a rocky start, but hopefully it will get better.
    Mudkip4321, why on earth would you cry into a bunch of cat hair? That seems rather unsanitary. But I appreciate the thought.
    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :DDDDDDDD

    Now come back and be my fwand:)
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