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  • Mudkip4321, funny thing about my sig...
    i found it on a tumblr blog riddled with glorious gay nsfw doodles

    that picture was literally the only sfw image on there lol
    ..i need to stop going on tumblr OTL
    Mudkip4321, all right! But if you need a hand or what-have-you, you know where to find me!
    Mudkip4321, well, there will be a shiny Giratina event for Gen 5 coming up in a month or so, so there's that! And waiting for a movie is cool too.
    Is stalker cat your friend?
    Mudkip4321, I don't know; why were you on the street? :p

    Disappointment, stress, fuzzy vision, a stalker cat, and explosions? That's...a lot to feel sad for, I guess. But hardships are only temporary, right? Anything good that's happened to you, or even something to look forward to?
    Mudkip4321, I actually feel extremely great, because today is the last day of my summer classes and I finally finished all the last minute assignments I had to do. (It was about 15 in the course of a week, because I didn't know they existed until last Thursday night.)

    Aw, why are you feeling down? Can I help?
    Mudkip4321, eee! Hello May; I haven't seen you in a long, long time! How've you been, my friend?
    Mudkip4321, odd, huh. All right, I understand.
    I definitely hope it's a 'good' odd and not a 'bad' one.

    I haven't talked to you for a while; it's nice to catch up. You have fared well, yes?
    (I'm on the chatroom if you want to continue talking there.)
    Mudkip4321, I've been good, but a bit busy though. Why've you been depressed?
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