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  • Hey, I like cheese too! :p I'm known as my grade's king of cheese. Once, I was at an amusement park, and the guy who was operating one of the rides let a few kids speak into the microphone he gives instructions in (he pulled the cord on it so it reached outside the booth) and I said the best three words anyone could say: "I Like Cheese". Then, the guy said: "You Heard It Here first, He Likes Cheese".
    P.S. My first game was Diamond, I got it when I was about 8, but it wasn't until my friends really convinced me to get into Pokemon. I guess we are very similar!
    I added you to my friends list. Oh, and I made my avatar myself. If you want me to make something different colors or add special effects or combine to pictures into one for your signature/avatar, I will!
    Well, it's off to my next Destinies prerelease!
    I sure do. :D Raikou however only has 1 retreat cost, and switch (or some other card I can't think of right now XD) can get it back for free. Then restock the Raikou's Appliances and your ready for another victory dance. (We invited Victini but I forgot that it was still in my PokeBall.) I hope that clarifies things! :D
    Do you realize that Eelektrik has to attach to the bench?
    (Check the I pulled something cool thread for your post.)
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