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  • Hmm.. true, but I don't think Pokémon would be the same without Ash. :(
    I pre-ordered a lot of Flashfire Merchandise which will arrive next Wednesday, so I can't wait! Especially now I've seen those amazing scans of the set!
    DRABAHAMUTGON, Hello! Thank you! I found it while searching 'Shiny Ho-Oh and Lugia' a few years back. So, are you knew here...?
    Hi! Welcome (back? :p) to PokeBeach. I see you've been a member for a while, but I only just saw you around. :)

    Glad to see you participate in the forums! I read hat you have some issues with using correct grammar, would you like me to fix your grammar for your signature?
    Yeah, I just guess a lot of people are afraid that, if he would win the League, the Anime would be over, because then he finally became a Pokémon Master, which was his ultimate dream.
    I saw at PokéCollection that Vol. 2 of Adventures in Unova and Beyond is coming April second! :D
    Which means the complete season box will probably come May/June, just like last year [season 14]. Season 15 came out last year's fall.
    I can't wait to get me the new one!! ^.^
    Yeah, I love the dogs and the eevees. And I'm sure it's no surprise my favorite legendaries are the 3 legendary dogs. ^^; What about you?
    I got back to the TCG just by last year too, so don't worry. ;)
    Then what do you favor most of Pokémon? The Anime or the Games or what? :D
    I also LOVE the Anime. Thanks to Mighty Ape I can get myself the full seasons on DVD. :D
    Hi, thank you very much.
    I stole it from PokéCollection though >.<
    I am really looking forward to the new expansion.
    Hope I'll get me those nice Charizard cards. _O_
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