Well i'm kind of a male but i feel i'm more of a Female in a Male body, or in a other way you can say its i'm a Trans gender/sexual but really i'm a girl in a men body, So yeah your welcome to say whatever you want about me even Call me a Freak i will understand and careless And i'm not scare to talk about its,
Thought i keep my gender issue a secret in real life but yeah,

My real name is john but just call me dawn

My top favorite pokemon are jirachi Keldeo Meloetta Mawile Eevee/Sylveon Vulpix/Ninetails Fennekin Zoroark Latias Dragonite Xerneas Clefable Emogle Pikachu Shiny Virizion Serperor, Shaymin,
Jul 18, 1987 (Age: 36)
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How its going everyone at Pokebeach? :3 Check out my YouTube channel for gaming video like Let's play and Wifi/Showdown battle all in 1080p all the way up to 2160p 4K Ultra High Definition goodness,

I'm an Christian and accepted Jesus in my Heart, copy and paste This † if you are a Christen and a Children of God people to And if you have fate in him and proud of it!

Just so you know my grammar isn't the best because I've bad Nerves But its can be good sometime however i will try to do my best with my grammar so yeah,


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