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  • Hey! Good to have you back! :D

    Did you check out this thread? You could contact the people on there to see if they want to battle.
    That'd be great, actually. Anything helps.
    I should have my DS and new X in... 20ish hours. But I might be too busy finishing my Emerald run and playing FE to play it yet. :p
    Yes, it's quite fun actually. :)
    Oh, you were? It ended nicely, I think. And the demands for a second one were the best compliment I could have gotten. A third one is already set up as well, with Drohn hosting in my place so I have a chance to try my hand at playing (I do hope you'll join so I can have some real competition ;)).
    Yeah, well, been a long time (almost three months) since I lost it... Just going to buckle down and get a new one. Rebuild my IV bred army from the ground up, I guess.

    That's really cool! I tried making one for my crazy nuzlocke runs, but I haven't had the time to really set anything up yet. Maybe in the future.
    Freedomeon, I'll do better next year. I learned a lot. I also bought a bunch of cool stuff.

    Also sent you a contact request on Skype.
    Freedomeon, I made it to round 2 of the LCQ. I did defeat one of last year's winners though in a side event of 64 players.

    Also, do you Skype?
    I've been working on raising a bunch of Pokemon since getting back from Worlds. I'm still figuring out my team though for VGC in case I choose to do a regionals this fall while its still the same format.
    Oh, hey! Good to see you around again.
    Things have been better than fine, as you can see. ;)
    Kingdoms 2 started as well.
    Other than I've lost my DS somewhere with all of my good stuff, everything is going well.

    What about yourself?
    Sorry had to do some school work!
    Cant wait for the Battle!
    I really like what you are doing now! To me your vocie is easy to listen to and makes the videos even better!:) I do like the live battles, they are really enternataining and you explain what you are about to do each turn! I would just say keep it up!!:D
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