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  • I'm ready. Let me know when you can trade and what is your FC. Mine is 0688-5968-0593 IGN: Kyle
    I'll be able to trade sometime tomorrow hopefully; if not, any time this weekend will do c:
    My FC in the meantime is 2020-1086-8448
    Hey! I'm currently participating in the forum game, The Challenge 6. For the current challenge we have been tasked to find supporters for our teams. I was hoping you could support mine! :D All you have to do is post that you support The Egg Knights on the forum page! Thanks for the help! :D

    Link- The Challenge 6
    Hey! I'm online now and will be available for 4-5 more hours. I'll check the site regularly in that time, so if you leave me a message I'll connect!
    Hey! If you let me know when you're online we can probably trade today. :D My exams are over now.
    Hey! I got some big exams on Monday and Wednesday so I won't be online that much. I'll be able to trade if we agree on a time that fits, but I'll definitely be more available after my exam Wednesday.
    For those of you viewing my profile, I've been on a... Hiatus of sorts due to some emotional and personal issues. My apologies if this affects anyone [though I doubt it.]
    SylveonsAndEspurrs, I see. X3 Perhaps I should make a thread over in the New Player help forum?

    And I know... XD more so, and it;s the one that I need. :( GC games in general are getting pricy, which sucks, because I am still missing a number of them, and if there is one collection I would like to work on, it would be for the GC. Such a wonderful, wonderful system...

    I see. :3 Did you ever play generation 5? And what about Emerald?
    SylveonsAndEspurrs, Oh, I see, well thank you. :3 I am not sure if I should just bombard her with a PM on the subject... maybe if it comes up naturally.

    As for the games, I'm pretty good, except for wanting to get copies of Pokemon Stadium 2, Leaf Green, and XD. X3 The prices are getting a bit high, and I swear that there are more fake copies of Leaf Green than real ones.

    Still need to go finish the post games in White 2 and Y, and I need to finish heart Gold... and actually start Platinum. X3

    Which games do you like the best? :3
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