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  • Hey! Welcome to PokeBeach. :D I liked your intro! Since you got back into Pokémon from a generation 3 game, I'm guessing you're also excited for the new games? :D Have you decided which one you're getting? Or both? (I always get both.)
    PlayTCG is all online, you just build your decks in Bebe's Search and then enter the PlayTCG website. And PTCGO, for me, it lasts about an hour, and 10 mins installing.
    Haha, no worries about the nerding out. It happens. :p Thanks for the link! I'll definitely listen to it and the other songs once I can just sit and listen without any other distractions.

    The record player I have can hook up to my computer and transfer songs from vinyl to digital, though the quality obviously takes a hit. I've actually only done this a few times. It's not a great player either, unfortunately. I used to have an awesome set up when I lived at my parents'. I had an old player (unsure of the brand) hooked up to 4 speakers. Now my current player just has one built in speaker, ha. I rarely listen to my vinyl anymore though. I hope you find a player soon!
    Yeah, it all depends, those I mentioned are good for anything HGSS-on. And yeap, most of those cards are really expensive and difficult to get. u.u
    Sorry for the late reply, this thing likes to let me know ages later when I check the Profile randomly. :p And of course One is a good choice. Have you tried the Pókemon TCG Online yet, or PlayTCG, though? I actually like those ones better.
    Dusty Starr, No problem ^^ Just start with a question or two and go from there!

    As for the games, I'm glad to hear you're doing quite a lot with them. I've been trying to get my hands on copies of Coliseum and XD myself, but gosh, they're still pricey...

    As for my favorites, I've liked Blue, Yellow, Ruby, and Y. The reason for the generation jump is I fell out of Pokemon for a brief time sometime at the end of Gen four.
    Dusty Starr, Sorry, but I am really not one to be asking TCG questions ^^;; I am mainly a Pokemon video game person. I would recommend going to one of our TCG mods like Athena c: [Although, by what little I have seen of TCG, it doesnt seem like you have to have EXs]
    Hello to you Dusty! I am glad to hear that you have just started to get back into Pokemon! ^^ If you have questions about the games as well, I would love to help if I can. Anyways, welcome to the site and have fun c:
    I assume you're talking about the Pink Floyd song. Yes, I do like it; that's where I got my screen name from. :D I can't say I've heard the rare, live version(s) though. I have the studio album on vinyl and it's amazing to listen to with headphones.
    Hello, Dusty!! (Or you prefer your whole username? XD) Welcome to Pokébeach! :D I hope you find a lot of topics of your interest. I see you were peeking in the TCG ONE Thread. Do you enjoy playing the TCG? Because If you have any doubt or are looking for advice, don't hesitate to send me a PM and I'll gladly help you! Enjoy your stay!
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