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Nov 25, 1997 (Age: 23)
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Utah US

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Goin Rogue Baby :DDD, Male, 23, from Utah US


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    1. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      *Asks what MrGatr has been up to.*
    2. Reshiwott
    3. King Arceus
      King Arceus
      *Sneaks up on MrGatr.*
    4. Spammy
      Absolutely! :)
    5. Equinox
      [b]MrGatr[/b], ?? I can't even get on xbox now, my friend has my hard drive, and the one time I did "blow you up" was when I sent you like 5 party invites -.-
    6. Uralya
      Hey, you're back at last! Woo :)
    7. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      [b]MrGatr[/b], it should be fine, but if you could send us some examples to review over first, so we can make sure, then that would be great.
    8. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      [b]MrGatr,[/b] Hey! What's up?
    9. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]MrGatr[/b], niiiiiice

      I should start laddering again, I haven't done so in a long time :F
    10. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]MrGatr[/b], sup n_n
    11. One Approved
      One Approved
      [b]MrGatr[/b], YOU'RE ALIVE :OOOOOOO
    12. One Approved
      One Approved
      y u no log on :[
    13. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    14. iSharingan
      [b]MrGatr[/b], Sure. I actually have one on the metaphorical drafting board for X/Y UU using Megacross. It's just sitting there right now while I try to get ready for a not-too distant OR/AS release-day tournament
    15. Blah
      [b]MrGatr[/b], Yeah, long time no see lol.

      Still super bogged down my school work x___x but what do you need help with?
    16. Equinox
      Hey scrub, get Pokemon X or Y
    17. Ares
      Happy Birthday!!Happy Birthday!!Happy Birthday!!
    18. Gadgetface
      Happy Birthday!!
    19. safariblade
      Happy birthday!
    20. RogueChomp
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    Nov 25, 1997 (Age: 23)
    Home Page:
    Utah US
    The ladies
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    4 Undeafeted seasons at my league

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    PM me
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    - King Arceus -
    Arceus is one of my good friends. Me and him chat on the server quite often. He's respectful, and very kind to everyone. I'm glad to be able to call him a friend.

    A little girl, but I enjoy her company. She's extremely nice, and likes pillow fights apparently? I'd recommend anybody who is around the age of 12, to chat with her, she's a role model for most young people with grammar, and friendliness.

    -Lil Wayne-
    He lent me half of my deck, and I can't believe he did that. I barely knew him, and he put enough trust into me to give me good valuable cards. I'm glad to call him a good friend. I plan on sneaking a Tepig into the return... (sshhhh don't tell him he doesn't know)

    Glad to call her a friend. I enjoy talking to her, and she must be funny in real life, becuase it's hard to detect sarcasm on the internet. She started the 2cd pillow fight that I'm in... (what's with throwing words around...)

    -Ice Arceus-
    He's a cool guy. I got him caught being an impostor, it was actually really funny though. Now Him and Arceus are good friends, but he lost his Ice plate D: He's now the PB Ice scientist?

    -Apollo the Incermyn-
    I hope I spelt that right. Any who, he's a cool guy. Fun to talk to, and always glad to help you with anything you need. He's an amazing mod, and an amazing writer.

    We both spent a while chatting. He helped me figure out what is only in Utah... He's a cool dude that I'd recommend to anyone.

    What can you say about this kid. If you've ever read his signature, you know that the attack bot it attempting to set us up together. He also needs to pop some pimples, and grow :p (inside joke). He's awesome, unlike his donut thieving cousin Dark Void :<

    Very cool dood, always want to talk with him, and glad to discuss and argue stupid things. He's always pestering me about hax so I'll give it to him he's king o'haxing, but TPO3 is in the race, and I've fallen out. I also enjoy working with him, and hope we could work together one day.
    (If I missed you shoot me a comment)

    My list of things only in Utah

    -Fry Sauce
    -Smiths Marketplace
    -Artic Circle

    (14:58:05) AttackBot: Blah237 has attacked Dark Void with Flatter!

    16:45:27) AttackBot: MrGatr has attacked MrGatr with Flatter!
    I totally flatter myself :p

    (17:05:10) AttackBot: Blah237 has attacked MrGatr with Mirror Shot!
    (17:05:16) AttackBot: Blah237 has attacked MrGatr with Fake Tears!

    (10:17) MrGatr: (10:13:16) Irrelevant: hey im new
    (10:17) MrGatr: (10:13:21) MrGatr: That's why the she he gets pissy when ever I'm around her
    (10:17) MrGatr: (10:13:29) MrGatr: GTFO B****
    (10:17) MrGatr: (10:13:29) Irrelevant: im a pokemon master
    (10:17) MrGatr: lol
    (10:17) Pride: Well at least they were correct ;)
    (10:17) MrGatr: lol

    <TDL>: why don't i have any balls
    <PMJ>: you have to buy them

    Pokebeachs Spy Movie
    Chapter 1:
    (13:56:46) ***Dark Giratina turns into GIratina
    (13:56:48) Wanted- AGL: DG Doesn't want in
    (13:56:53) Dark Giratina: rawr :3
    (13:56:58) MrGatr: So you told him everything
    (13:57:05) Dark Giratina: :<
    (13:57:10) ***Dark Giratina blames AGl
    (13:57:10) ***MrGatr pulls out gun, and waves it wildly deciding wether to shoot DG, or AGL
    (13:57:17) Wanted- AGL: Not that we would kill him
    (13:57:19) ***MrGatr spins botle
    (13:57:22) MrGatr: *bottle
    (13:57:29) ***Wanted- AGL Fires a pistol at DG
    (13:57:35) ***MrGatr points gun at AGL and shoots
    (13:57:41) Wanted- AGL: *DUCKS
    (13:57:49) MrGatr: dood
    (13:57:58) MrGatr: I shot you while you were shooting DG
    (13:58:01) Wanted- AGL: Belly flop
    (13:58:07) ***MrGatr uses ZY as a human shield
    (13:58:30) ***Dark Giratina gets a popcorn and eats, watching the movie
    (13:58:34) ***MrGatr keeps gun pointed at AGL till Nigel arrives
    (13:58:35) Wanted- AGL: lol
    (13:58:43) ***Dark Giratina continues eating popcorn
    (13:58:55) ***Dark Giratina watches from the Reverse World
    (13:59:09) ***Dark Giratina waits patiently for the movie to go on
    (13:59:19) ***MrGatr watis pateintly for Nigel to appear
    (13:59:22) Wanted- AGL: fastfoward it
    (13:59:30) ***Dark Giratina fast forwarded the movie
    (13:59:38) ***Dark Giratina and pauses it
    (13:59:48) ***MrGatr awaits for this pink to stop appearing
    (13:59:56) Dark Giratina: >:]
    (14:00:00) Dark Giratina: Wish granted
    (14:00:08) Wanted- AGL: MrGatr Turned around to watch a cartoon
    (14:00:09) ***MrGatr also does CPR to DG and revives him
    (14:00:12) ***Dark Giratina plays the movie
    (14:00:12) MrGatr: NO
    (14:00:16) MrGatr: I hate Cartoons
    (14:00:20) MrGatr: DG you're in the movie now
    (14:00:23) ***Wanted- AGL dissapeared!
    (14:00:23) MrGatr: You better grab a gun
    (14:00:28) ***Dark Giratina continues watching and eating
    (14:00:36) ***MrGatr reminds AGL that this is real life not some childs play game
    (14:00:37) Dark Giratina: Yum popcorns ;3
    (14:00:39) Andrew: Blue And red gen
    (14:00:48) ***MrGatr slaps Andrew for interupting the movie
    (14:00:52) MrGatr: *CUT*
    (14:00:59) MrGatr: Now we gotta restart the whole seen...
    (14:01:07) ***Dark Giratina waits
    (14:01:10) Wanted- AGL: dude
    (14:01:12) Wanted- AGL: scene
    (14:01:15) Wanted- AGL: SCENE
    (14:01:25) ***Dark Giratina slaps AGL for being too noisy
    (14:01:36) ***Dark Giratina gives AGL popcorn
    (14:01:36) MrGatr: wait
    (14:01:42) MrGatr: I'm editing the crappy part of the film
    (14:01:44) MrGatr: And
    (14:01:45) Wanted- AGL: ooo thanks 4 popcorn
    (14:01:45) MrGatr: GO!!!
    (14:01:49) MrGatr: *UN-CUT*
    (14:01:53) ***MrGatr waves gun at AGL
    (14:01:55) ***Dark Giratina gives MrGatr a camera
    (14:01:58) ***Wanted- AGL Fires at everyone!
    (14:02:09) ***MrGatr uses Zyflair as human shield (again)
    (14:02:11) ***Dark Giratina watches expectantly
    (14:02:34) Wanted- AGL: DG You just died lol
    (14:02:44) Wanted- AGL: you're in the movie too
    (14:02:48) ***MrGatr fires gun at AGL's feet
    (14:02:50) MrGatr: "DANCE!!!!!"
    (14:02:57) ***Wanted- AGL dances
    (14:03:13) MrGatr: ./laugh
    (14:03:24) ***MrGatr grabs phone and yells at Nigel to get over here
    (14:03:32) ***Wanted- AGL starts to do an Irish dance
    (14:03:36) ***Dark Giratina continues watching
    (14:04:12) ***MrGatr shoots at the boxes in the warehouse
    (14:04:15) MrGatr: Cubeman is over there
    (14:04:16) MrGatr: GET HIM
    (14:04:24) Zyflair: ... >.>
    (14:04:26) ***MrGatr drops Zyflair and lets him bleed out
    (14:04:44) MrGatr: ok
    (14:04:45) MrGatr: BREAK
    (14:04:49) ***Wanted- AGL Fires at Sircubith while dancing
    (14:04:53) Wanted- AGL: oh
    (14:04:53) MrGatr: Nigel is supposed to be here now
    (14:04:56) Wanted- AGL: ok
    (14:04:57) SirCubith: wait
    (14:04:59) SirCubith: What
    (14:05:06) MrGatr: U're in a movie
    (14:05:09) MrGatr: read the chat log
    (14:05:13) SirCubith: lol
    (14:05:30) MrGatr: congrats on becoming famous
    (14:05:36) SirCubith: thank you
    (14:05:44) Wanted- AGL: This is my movie guys
    (14:05:53) ***Dark Giratina laughs
    (14:05:53) MrGatr: lol
    (14:05:57) MrGatr: Dis is Nigels movie
    (14:06:00) Dark Giratina: >:3
    (14:06:02) Wanted- AGL: I'm writing a book based on the events
    (14:06:06) MrGatr: lol
    (14:06:09) MrGatr: I'm editing the book
    (14:06:14) MrGatr: And kinda directing the plot
    (14:06:19) Wanted- AGL: lol
    (14:06:20) Dark Giratina: I'm reading it
    (14:06:21) MrGatr: *RESUME WITH FILLERS*
    (14:06:22) Dark Giratina: ;]
    (14:06:31) ***Dark Giratina eats everyone
    (14:06:32) ***Wanted- AGL Resumes dancing
    (14:06:32) ***MrGatr chases Sircubith firing pistol wildly
    (14:06:55) ***Dark Giratina shoots AGL and Marty with a machine gun

    Chapter 2:
    (10:45:43) +Equinox: Aight, srs talk, we need roles
    (10:46:01) +Ice Arceus: Sircubith's minion [final]
    (10:46:12) +Ice Arceus: thanks to Reshiwott -_-
    (10:46:13) +Equinox: I don't even know the plot or the story lol
    (10:46:14) AuraGuardianLucario: Don't tell ur roles lol
    (10:46:20) AuraGuardianLucario: jk
    (10:46:25) AuraGuardianLucario: The plot is here.
    (10:46:39) +Equinox: On the PB server...? lol
    (10:46:41) AuraGuardianLucario:
    (10:46:46) MrGatr: lol
    (10:46:53) MrGatr: Look for da super long chat quote by me
    (10:47:05) MrGatr: Also look for da arguement about him reading it or not
    (10:47:07) +Equinox: All two of them?
    (10:47:07) +Ice Arceus: dont post long quotes here
    (10:47:15) +Ice Arceus: just letting you guys know
    (10:47:55) +Equinox: There's one quote about Infinity attracting himself, that's it lol
    (10:48:20) AuraGuardianLucario: Page 3.
    (10:48:25) MrGatr: Just check my Bio
    (10:48:28) MrGatr: I have the whole thing
    (10:48:32) AuraGuardianLucario: oh
    (10:48:34) AuraGuardianLucario: cool
    (10:49:04) +Ice Arceus: can anyone give me a summary?
    (10:49:10) AuraGuardianLucario: just.
    (10:49:12) AuraGuardianLucario: read;
    (10:49:16) AuraGuardianLucario: mrgatrs.
    (10:49:19) AuraGuardianLucario: bio.
    (10:49:21) AuraGuardianLucario: lol
    (10:49:21) +Equinox: I see how it is, I'm not on your frands list :<
    (10:49:23) MrGatr: We is chasing Sircubith, and Icy through a warehouse in a firefight
    (10:49:34) MrGatr: Dat thing is so not updated..
    (10:49:36) MrGatr: I forgot it was there
    (10:49:43) +Ice Arceus: im not either ;_;
    (10:49:43) MrGatr: Half the members I don't even speak too :/
    (10:49:48) MrGatr: Icy you're der
    (10:49:54) +Ice Arceus: i am!?!
    (10:49:59) +Ice Arceus: :D
    (10:50:09) +Ice Arceus: <3 gatr (nohomo)
    (10:50:13) MrGatr: lol
    (10:50:17) MrGatr: Dood I <3 everyone
    (10:50:18) MrGatr: Cept Bippa
    (10:50:21) MrGatr: Me and him are in a war
    (10:50:23) AuraGuardianLucario: lol
    (10:50:42) +Equinox: I'll be some elderly assassin bro who teaches the main character how to spin a bullet whilst shooting (If you've seen Wanted, you know what I mean) :F
    (10:50:51) +Equinox: *curve
    (10:50:52) AuraGuardianLucario: Equinox Has been Roled
    (10:51:05) AuraGuardianLucario: read the pM
    (10:51:06) +Equinox: I'll be like the Morgan Freeman of this fic
    (10:51:08) +Equinox: Eff yeah
    (10:51:11) MrGatr: lol
    (10:51:14) AuraGuardianLucario: lol
    (10:51:17) MrGatr: U ain't black enough to be black bro
    (10:51:20) +Equinox: I mean wat
    (10:51:43) +Ice Arceus: what happened to TyploWolf?
    (10:51:47) MrGatr: IDK
    (10:51:52) MrGatr: We need Zyflair
    (10:51:55) +Ice Arceus: ^
    (10:51:57) MrGatr: I'm holding him as a human shield :/
    (10:52:04) +Equinox: Where there's a will, there's a Zyflair
    (10:52:28) ***MrGatr begins to kick Zyflairs half dead body
    (10:52:40) MrGatr: Isn't Zyflair one of our like cannon fodders??
    (10:52:48) AuraGuardianLucario: I think so
    (10:52:52) AuraGuardianLucario: idk lol
    (10:53:02) AuraGuardianLucario: He's definitely dead though
    (10:53:18) MrGatr: Possibly
    (10:53:19) MrGatr: IDK
    (10:53:44) +Equinox: I'm the main good guy
    (10:53:57) MrGatr: lol
    (10:54:00) MrGatr: u a cop :p
    (10:54:10) +Ice Arceus: i'm just a minion -_-
    (10:54:16) MrGatr: Weres Nigel -_-
    (10:54:23) MrGatr: Icy... Me and AGL are kinda minions...
    (10:54:26) MrGatr: With a gun
    (10:54:57) MrGatr: We are missing Nigel
    (10:55:02) MrGatr: And Dark Giratina
    (10:55:05) AuraGuardianLucario: anyone not given a role?
    (10:55:08) +Ice Arceus: gotta go soon.
    (10:55:26) MrGatr: Oh, well we are probably gonna chase you and Sircubith out pretty fast
    (10:55:46) AuraGuardianLucario: 10
    (10:55:51) AuraGuardianLucario: 9
    (10:55:53) AuraGuardianLucario: 8
    (10:55:54) AuraGuardianLucario: 7
    (10:55:56) AuraGuardianLucario: 6
    (10:55:58) +Ice Arceus: 5
    (10:55:58) AuraGuardianLucario: 5
    (10:56:01) AuraGuardianLucario: 4
    (10:56:01) MrGatr: oh yes at 1 we start
    (10:56:01) +Ice Arceus: xD
    (10:56:03) AuraGuardianLucario: 3
    (10:56:05) AuraGuardianLucario: 2
    (10:56:09) AuraGuardianLucario: ....
    (10:56:11) AuraGuardianLucario: 1
    (10:56:12) MrGatr: and type in /me usually ppl
    (10:56:13) +Ice Arceus: uno
    (10:56:28) ***MrGatr resumes chasing Icy, and Sircubith while firing his pistol
    (10:56:32) AuraGuardianLucario: 12813981121 I mean 0
    (10:56:39) ***Ice Arceus runs as fast as he can
    (10:56:42) ***Equinox brings a machete to the gun fight
    (10:56:52) ***Ice Arceus finds cover
    (10:56:59) ***MrGatr mows Equinox down with his UMP45
    (10:57:02) ***AuraGuardianLucario Fires 3 9.77 MM bullets at Equinox
    (10:57:17) ***Equinox survives the bullet storm thanks to his Juggernaut suit
    (10:57:31) ***MrGatr jumps up from cover and jumps over boxes where Icy is hiding
    (10:57:41) +Ice Arceus: great I have to leave. -_- sorry guys
    (10:57:47) MrGatr: NP
    (10:57:55) ***AuraGuardianLucario Throws a Smoke grenade nd lets Icy leave
    (10:57:56) ***MrGatr shoots Icy in the foot, and leaves him to bleed out
    (10:58:18) ***MrGatr quickly runs out to the car, and sits in shotgun calling for AGL to get in
    (10:58:19) ***Equinox stabs MrGatr in his back, almost hitting his vital organs
    (10:58:19) ***AuraGuardianLucario Throws a Smoke Grenade and Dissapears in the moke
    (10:58:32) ***MrGatr turns around, and crams an RPG down Equinox's throat
    (10:58:36) ***AuraGuardianLucario sprints to car
    (10:58:37) +Equinox: Is this a free for all? lol
    (10:58:41) MrGatr: No
    (10:58:45) ***Equinox dodges the RPG
    (10:58:49) AuraGuardianLucario: cut
    (10:58:50) MrGatr: Me and AGL are buddy's
    (10:58:54) AuraGuardianLucario: Teams:
    (10:58:54) +Equinox: I don't even know wat side I am on
    (10:58:57) MrGatr: lol
    (10:59:00) MrGatr: You're da cops
    (10:59:07) MrGatr: And you are trying to kill us
    (10:59:09) AuraGuardianLucario: Sircubith's team- Icy, Sircubith
    (10:59:12) MrGatr: since we are kinda terrorists
    (10:59:13) +Equinox: I don't wanna be no cops :< I just thought I was some d00d
    (10:59:18) MrGatr: lol
    (10:59:18) +Equinox: But it's np
    (10:59:19) AuraGuardianLucario: COPS- Equinox
    (10:59:23) MrGatr: DG
    (10:59:25) MrGatr: Don't forget DG
    (10:59:33) AuraGuardianLucario: COPS- Equinox and DG
    (10:59:34) +Equinox: Me and DG vs. all? lol
    (10:59:39) +Equinox: It's cuz we are 1337
    (10:59:50) MrGatr: U guys will have extra's once in a while
    (11:00:00) +Equinox: kay kay
    (11:00:13) AuraGuardianLucario: Murderous Furrets- MrGatr, AGL, Nigel
    (11:00:17) MrGatr: lol
    (11:00:35) MrGatr: *RESUME*
    (11:00:37) AuraGuardianLucario: Action!
    (11:00:48) ***MrGatr tells AGL to chase down Sircubith
    (11:01:01) ***AuraGuardianLucario sprints into the shelter
    (11:01:08) ***Equinox pulls out a Glock and shoots AGL in his ribs
    (11:01:09) ***MrGatr rolls down window, and shoots out Equinox
    (11:01:20) ***AuraGuardianLucario Falls flat on the floor
    (11:01:21) ***MrGatr pulls AGL into the car, and drives off, through a fence
    (11:01:38) ***Equinox does a barrel roll, getting behind cover
    (11:01:44) ***AuraGuardianLucario Revives himself, as he was just fakkin
    (11:01:44) ***MrGatr pulls out another clip for his pistol, and fires backwards hitting Equinox's tires
    (11:02:01) ***AuraGuardianLucario Revives himself, as he was just faking and the bullet missed *
    (11:02:01) MrGatr: WE IS SAFE :D
    (11:02:16) ***MrGatr drives into car lot, and takes a random nice looking car
    (11:02:19) ***Equinox steals a car, hot on the trail of the terrorists
    (11:02:20) +Equinox: Nay
    (11:02:34) ***Equinox calls in an AC 130
    (11:02:50) ***AuraGuardianLucario and MrGatr get Machine guns from the boot
    (11:02:55) ***MrGatr hides under a bridge in a lot of traffic were equinox can't see us
    (11:02:57) AuraGuardianLucario: a
    (11:03:03) AuraGuardianLucario: oops
    (11:03:07) MrGatr: dood
    (11:03:11) MrGatr: We got machine guns and hid
    (11:03:21) ***Equinox throws a flashbang at the pair, forcing them out
    (11:03:21) AuraGuardianLucario: ik lol
    (11:03:22) ***MrGatr says lets ditch the car, and just hide in dat mall right there
    (11:03:40) ***AuraGuardianLucario goes into a clothes shop
    (11:03:41) +Equinox: You can't run
    (11:03:42) +Equinox: You stunned
    (11:03:43) ***MrGatr unleashes a spray of bullets, holding Equinox down
    (11:03:52) MrGatr: Who said we weren't waring glasses??
    (11:04:12) ***Equinox recieves an armored car, plowing into the mall
    (11:04:15) ***AuraGuardianLucario emerges from the clothes shop dressed in a Tux
    (11:04:28) ***MrGatr comes out of a clothes shop dressed like a normal man
    (11:04:36) ***AuraGuardianLucario Throws a smoke grenade and escapes
    (11:04:54) ***MrGatr lays hand grenades all over, and Equinox can't get through the mall because it's too little
    (11:04:57) MrGatr: ./BOOM!
    (11:04:57) ***Equinox sees the pair fleeing, and drives after them, hitting AGL
    (11:05:12) +Equinox: Armored cars are immune to grenades lol
    (11:05:15) ***MrGatr and AGL get out while Equinox runs over the dummy's
    (11:05:22) MrGatr: Yeah, but the ppl in the mall aren't
    (11:05:26) +Equinox: I hit AGL too :p
    (11:05:27) MrGatr: Now dey gonna be mad
    (11:05:31) AuraGuardianLucario: ow
    (11:05:31) MrGatr: twas a dummy
    (11:05:36) +Equinox: Dey be scared
    (11:05:37) +Equinox: And nay
    (11:05:44) MrGatr: and den dey want into da care
    (11:05:51) MrGatr: and you can't kill innocent ppl
    (11:06:03) +Equinox: I didn't
    (11:06:05) AuraGuardianLucario: WE Can. We're terrorists.
    (11:06:05) +Equinox: You did :p
    (11:06:18) MrGatr: lol
    (11:06:25) MrGatr: But they are surronding your car
    (11:06:28) MrGatr: You can't run dem over
    (11:06:37) MrGatr: otherwise you lose your job and become a con
    (11:06:40) ***Equinox scares the people away, firing a warning shot
    (11:06:56) ***Equinox than quickly catches up to the couple
    (11:07:00) ***MrGatr fires back at Equinox, in vain
    (11:07:01) MrGatr: *CUT*
    (11:07:06) MrGatr: WE ARE NOT A COUPLE!!!!!!!
    (11:07:09) MrGatr: *RESUME*
    (11:07:11) AuraGuardianLucario: lol
    (11:07:18) +Equinox: You are two peiople :p
    (11:07:21) +Equinox: Therefore, a couple
    (11:07:24) ***MrGatr jumps through a window, and hides from equinox
    (11:07:33) ***AuraGuardianLucario Throws a Lucario Pokedoll at Equinox
    (11:07:42) MrGatr: while Equinox is confused
    (11:07:56) ***Equinox sees AGL running, driving after him
    (11:07:59) ***MrGatr runs behind the truck and pins a few C4 straps to the Axel, and doors
    (11:08:10) +Equinox: Wat, I am not confused
    (11:08:21) ***MrGatr jumps off into a group of ppl, holding somoene as a human shield
    (11:08:22) AuraGuardianLucario: all of a sudden, Equinox, the Pokedoll, and The car all exploded!
    (11:08:29) MrGatr: ./BOOM!
    (11:08:36) ***Equinox walks out of the fire like the Terminator
    (11:08:50) +Equinox: Than pulls out a Striker
    (11:08:52) ***AuraGuardianLucario Sprints off into the Pokemon center shop
    (11:08:54) MrGatr: by that time MrGatr and AGL are long gone in their nice new Porche
    (11:08:58) +Equinox: Wat
    (11:09:02) MrGatr: lol
    (11:09:06) +Equinox: You can't be on a Pokemon Center whilst in a Porche
    (11:09:15) AuraGuardianLucario: dang, I wanted a Rioly Pokedoll
    (11:09:21) MrGatr: umm it's as easy as driving through da window
    (11:09:24) ***Equinox steals a Mercialago
    (11:09:36) ***MrGatr steals Dolls, and other things, and drives off, leaving Equinox confused
    (11:09:45) MrGatr: *Phew*
    (11:09:47) ***Equinox than catches up and knocks out MrGatr with the butt of his gun
    (11:09:57) ***MrGatr tells Equinox we are in a car with a roof
    (11:10:07) ***AuraGuardianLucario Throws a marble charm of a dolphin at equinox


    Quitting a game you've played as long as you can remember, that's ruff
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