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  • So I found a website with the SR Get cards in stock... but they only sell within japan... ideas?

    bagoly14, I would appreciate it, I just need those the Apita promos, and the super rare card get cards do be done with bw-p :)
    bagoly14, For instance:

    If you are in japan and go buy a booster box at any retailer on the first day they give you a promo card with it.

    The one above came with a purchase of a BW1 booster box.
    Hey, I'm reaching out to a few people who may know this, but do you know any retailer that includes the box purchases promos along with a purchase of a japanese box? I never received the promo ordering from amiami for the entire BW generation, and was hoping to be able to get them during the XY generation.
    bagoly14, I would hope to get them for less than $300 opened. I'd go up to 350 or so sealed, but rather have them opened for less. Those are auction prices, tack on whatever fees on top is fine.
    So I saw you helped soulwind get the giratina/rayquaza super rare get campaign promos. Any chance you would be willing to do that again for me :D

    I'd actually prefer them not sealed though, especially if it saves a bit of money.
    bagoly14, Got the cards today! I am very excited! They both look like PSA 10s but I am very hesitant to open them. Either way, things turned out great. :D
    By the way, I don't think I ever mentioned, thank you so much for that Froslass Promo you sent awhile back! I did have one, but mine had a bit of edge wear (which I loathe lol). Now I've got a nice one for my vault. ;D
    bagoly14, I talked to Brian from Pokevault and he said they are still selling 1ED packs and he has not seen any BW8 in UED in any stores or Japanese auctions. He said it may be because BW8 was not a very popular set. He also said he would look though next time he goes to the Pokecenter.
    bagoly14, Alright, sounds good. Thanks, because I am looking for some in UED, but have not found any yet either.
    Hey, I was just wondering if you know if Spiral Force was printed in Unlimited Edition yet? I figured I'd ask you since you know quite a bit about Japanese cards.
    I was just on your site, and I have 2 questions.

    1. Can you please change your abbreviation for Japanese to JP? The one you have right now is actually a racist term for Japanese people.

    2. Which Accelgor is the shattered glass Promo?
    Hey, just checked out your new website, and it's looking pretty impressive! A few comments though:
    The bit on the right where it lists the sets: maybe change the font? I'm personally not a huge fan of Times New Roman.
    If it would be possible, add larger 'next page' and 'previous page' buttons. (This is just me, but I've seen it on other sites too; it's easier than clicking on the individual numbers which are smaller.)
    That's all, good luck with it in the future!
    bagoly14, Nah. Private sale. Filled many holes in my collection and got a few extras. The more I think about it, the more I want to sell some of those extras and buy the Reshiram & Zekrom promos I mentioned earlier. Decisions decisions!
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