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  • Snowy, No problem. If you have any other questions, ask away! And good luck in your search! If you find anyone with them in UED, I'd be happy to know as well so I can get that Electrode. I will let you know if I find anything too.
    Snowy, Hey, I actually was looking at your Glaceon thread earlier. Voltorb is part of the Thunder Knuckle set actually, but I do know that that is in Unlimited. Since Thunder Knuckle and Spiral Force were released together, I would assume that there is an Unlimited edition for that as well. I have not seen any Unlimited cards for either of the two sets on the market though. Unlimited cards are so darn hard to find!
    Hey, you still need that Bonds to the End of Time Glaceon card? I was just looking through my cards today and came across two of them. If you're still interested I could send one to ya' for $1.50. (Or, if you'd be willing to pay for shipping in other words.)
    Snowy, I see, he would definitely know for sure since he is in Japan himself. I agree with him though that I haven't seen any BW8 UED either.
    Snowy, No worries. UED is a bit tough to find in general - I haven't seen a lot of UED cards on eBay in general for the BW series.
    Snowy, Not sure, I know 100% that BW7 has been printed in unlimited. My tentative answer is yes but I don't have proof of it yet. I received UED BW7 cards months ago so I would be surprised if BW8 UED wasn't out yet.
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